A Perfect Day of Luxury in Connaught Village

May 22, 2018

Unicorn Lattés at Saint Aymes

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Last week my sister-in-law and I were lucky enough to visit this luxurious, elegant little area in London, Connaught Village and will without a doubt be returning!  The Village is part of Hyde Park Estate, a short walk from Marble Arch and Oxford Street.  It is home to a variety of independent businesses, including restaurants, hair & beauty specialists, luxury spas, wine cellars, stunning boutiques and a beautifully decorated luxury chocolate boutique café, which is where our day began.

Saint Aymes Instagram: @saintaymes Facebook: @saintaymes Twitter: @saintaymes

A huge thank you to Michela and Lois Wilson (pictured above) for opening this amazing boutique café offering a luxury 24ct gold coffee and chocolate experience, thank you so much for having us and it was lovely meeting you!

We were blown away with the luxury of this incredible café and the lovely hanging flowers at the front looked like something from a fairy tale.  We were greeted as soon as soon as we arrived and were given any seat of our choice.  I must mention the décor inside as well as out as it was fabulous, there was even a luxurious dog bed ready for any posh pooch’s who were visiting!

There was a huge, mouth-watering selection of cakes, macarons and 24ct chocolates on display which you can also purchase as gifts, you can view their new menus here.

Several of the walls were covered in flowers which make the perfect backdrop for photos (of which we took full advantage of).

We obviously went for the 24ct gold unicorn lattes (the photo at the top speaks for itself) and a pain au chocolat each which were delicious.

We then visited a few of the independent boutiques starting with PM Flowers a 5-10 min walk from marble arch at 53 Connaught Street which had a beautiful collection of exotic flowers and plants. Instagram: @pmflowerslondon 

PM Flowers

After we moved on to The Place London Women situated at 27 Connaught Street.  Owned by Simon Burstein, son of Browns’ founder, Joan Burstein and home to high-end clothing and accessories by talented designers including Alice Archer, Sofie D’Hoore, Mimi Berry, Diana Broussard and many more.  These stunning handbags & earrings (pictured below) caught my eye and you can really see just how talented these designers are from the intricate detail on each piece. Instagram: Facebook: @theplacelondonconnaught Twitter: @theplace_london

The Place London Women

Viola was next, a boutique with a unique style featuring womenswear designers such as Rachel Allegra, Forte Forte and David Szeto. Facebook: @Violaconnaughtstreet Instagram: @violaconnaughtstreet Twitter: @ViolaBoutique

Viola Boutique

Further down was ME+EM Founded by Clare Hornby in 2009 to offer designer quality at more affordable prices Facebook: @meandemluxury Instagram: @me_andem Twitter:@me_and_em followed by Kokoro London.  It was a pleasure to meet Dawn Green the talented fashion designer (pictured below) Facebook: @KokoroLondon Instagram: @kokorolondon Twitter: @kokorolondon which was hosting a Brazilian summer trunk show full of exotic, colourful clothing and accessories all made in Brazil.


Dawn Green

Eliza Jane Howell Instagram: @elizajanehowell Twitter: @ejhbridal Facebook: @ejhbridal. This stunning bridal shop enticed us with its huge collection of incredibly detailed, vintage style dresses designed by Gill Harvey, we just had to have a look. I was particularly taken with this exquisite bag made with beads and shells.

Round the corner on Porchester Place we discovered Judy Wu a simple and elegant boutique. Facebook: @StudioJudyWu Twitter: @studio_judywu Instagram: @studiojudywu and were drawn in by a delightful bright yellow skirt in the window.

Judy Wu Boutique

We had just enough time before our lunch reservation to visit Mud Australia (Facebook: @mudaustralia Instagram: @mudaustralia)  hosting a stunning range of porcelain in a wide variety of colours, I was of course drawn straight to the pink and loved the minimalistic look of it all, so classy and chic.

Mud Australia

By this point our pain au chocolats had worn off so we headed to Stuzzico (Facebook: @stuzzicolondon Instagram: @stuzzicolondon Twitter:@stuzzicolondon) to have what I can only describe as the best Italian meal  I have ever had! Hats off to Franco de Todaro! (the chef & owner) We were welcomed by Luca Riccio (the owner) and were immediately made to feel at home by his friendly and warm manner.  I went for the ‘Sauté di cozze con pomodorini, aglio e prezzemolo’ (mussels sauté with cherry tomato, garlic and parsley) to start which was full of flavour.  For mains we both had the special which was home-made, fresh spaghetti in a tomato sauce with langoustines which was absolute perfection, the sauce was flavoursome and as I mentioned before the best Italian dish I have ever had!  I couldn’t pass up the offer of some home-made tiramisu and was not disappointed.  Thoroughly enjoyed every bite!

Happy and full we headed a few doors down to Fe Hair & Beauty for a spot of pampering. (Facebook: @fehairandbeauty)The beauty boutique offers specialist hair, beauty and make-up services using luxury brands including Bioloustre, Kerastase and YonKa.  We were immediately seated offered a drink and they worked their magic on my nails which really needed a manicure!  We were made to feel very welcome and felt lovely and relaxed when we left.

I was really excited for the next pampering appointment we had as we headed over to Medicetics (a luxury skin and laser spa) for a Hydrafacial Hydrapeel  which has six steps to achieve beautiful rejuvenated skin. (Facebook: @Medicetics Twitter: @Medicetics)

These were all explained to me whilst they were carried out to ensure I felt comfortable and fully understood what was happening, I’m so grateful for this and found it very interesting.

Step 1 (detox) involved a lymphatic drainage which helps to increase the circulation of the lymphatic system.  It increases blood flow to the area, bringing oxygen to support the cells also bringing clean, fresh lymph to tone, firm and restore hydration to the skin, eliminating toxins.

Step 2 (cleansing and exfoliation) Dead skin cells were gently exfoliated to uncover new, healthy skin.  At the same time a serum containing botanical extracts, glucosamine and lactic acid is delivered deeply to nourish and cleanse the skin.

Step 3 (Glysal Peel) Salicylic and glycolic solution was used to remove dead skin cells.

Step 4 (Extraction) A tube is used to help remove blackheads using a serum of honey extract and salicylic acid to draw out impurities in congested areas.

Step 5 (Hydration) This was my favourite part as it left my skin plumped up and hydrated by delivering a mixture of the most advanced/powerful antioxidants, peptides and multi-peptides with hydrating hyaluronic acid for optimum skin health.

Step 6 (Rejuvenation) A red/infrared LED light was used to further stimulate collagen and reduce any redness, it also supports the natural production of vitamin D which left my skin glowing.

I would highly recommend this, I was really impressed with the immediate results and my skin has NEVER felt so soft and smooth!

Medicetics Clinic

Our last stop in Connaught Village was wine tasting with Director of the beautiful French style Connaught Cellars (offering a unique selection of the highest quality of wines from France and Italy)  David Farber (pictured below) who was so friendly and has a vast experience of wine and we were lucky enough to experience an insight to it.  Outside was a board with the quote “My favourite day is winesday” which we learnt was changed every day with a picture uploaded to Instagram of the cutest little dog Cooper dressed up! Instagram: @connaughtcellars you’re welcome!  We were taken down to the wine tasting room (David hosts wine tastings and it can also be booked for private parties).

David Farber

The thing I loved the most about this experience is that David is focussed solely on ensuring you walk away with something you love and asked what we liked before producing a light crisp rose and light red wine which were delicious!  I also asked if the soil made a difference to the quality of the grape and David explained that the if the vine is on poor soil it will produce a sweeter grape as it wants animals to eat them and drop them in another area with a potentially better quality of soil, however if the soil is of a higher quality the vine will produce small sour grapes as it is happy where it is and doesn’t want animals to eat them and drop them somewhere with lower quality soil.  We left with a present for my dad’s birthday, thank you so much for your help David and for sharing your knowledge with us!

Connaught Cellars

We had a fabulous day of luxury and would highly recommend Connaught Village for a day out, it has everything you can think of and I was absolutely blown away with how friendly, helpful and welcoming everyone was!

I will be heading back to Connaught village as there was one boutique in particular I would like to visit Lucy Choi (Facebook: @lucychoilondon Instagram: @lucychoilondon Twitter: @LucyChoiLondon) Lucy is Jimmy Choo’s niece, what better role model could you hope for when it comes to designing shoes!

Lucy Choi

If you are interested in visiting, Connaught Village will be celebrating an impressive 150 years milestone with a fun, free event ‘A Walk Through Time’ launching on Thursday 5th July from 3pm – 7pm.  You will be taken on a journey through the ages with food and drink, street entertainment and live music. The starring attraction will be two performances from the family favourite, Horrible  Histories, brought straight from the West End and the retailers in the village will be offering in-store promotions, exclusive offers, free workshops, masterclasses and interactive activities for all ages including a fashion show, wine tasting at Connaught Cellars and a vertical cheese tasting (different age profiles of cheese) at Buchanans Cheesemonger.  You will also have the chance to meet the talented specialists behind the stores!

Special thanks to Sister London and Luxuria Lifestyle for arranging the perfect day of Luxury in Connaught Village.

Written by Jessica Chapman for Luxuria Lifestyle

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