From Superyachts to Supermodels – Mark Healy, Fitness Guru to the Elite

September 19, 2016

Mark Healy Fitness Management is a specialist health and fitness company provider of elite health, fitness and nutrition professionals to private residences and the exclusive superyacht industry.

Mark has worked with European Royalty and Hollywood Celebrities, and as the head Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist on the iconic ‘Maltese Falcon’ superyacht.  He has also been featured in the global press from Sheerluxe to Daily Mail and Women’s Health to Natural Health Magazine.

Mark runs MH Fitness Management as Head Fitness Consultant for the super-wealthy elite in London, Moscow and Miami in their private residences, on business trips, holidays and in the Superyacht Industry.  On the MH Fitness Management books are everyone from personal trainers, to massage therapists and yoga instructors, as well as tennis coaches, pilates instructors and nutritional experts.

A hand picked team carefully chosen by Mark delivers a prestigious service to provide his wealthy clients with yacht staff and crew, personal trainers for fitness regimes during international business travels, or staff to accompany clients on their travels and holiday experiences.

With his stellar professional background, Mark spent five years working aboard the iconic 88m sailing yacht The Maltese Falcon  as their on-board Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist.  Travelling extensively from the Cote D’Azur to the South Pacific, he supplied the ultimate service to numerous celebrities, European Royalty and many of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Mark then expanded the business into Moscow, South of France and the United States, along with private gym design projects in some of the most breathtaking private yachts and houses, whilst also providing elite health and fitness professionals to this discreet market via his recruitment service.

Mark told me “From helicopters to yachts, fast cars to private jets, the lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, but after 10 years it’s now part of my life.  Constantly moving between Europe, Russia and the USA, and with an average speed of 24mph every hour for the last year, life keeps moving forward.  However, resting up in some of the best hotels around the world does make it so much easier when I’m away from home.  And where is home? Between Miami, Moscow and 40,000ft!”

The story behind his career is fascinating.  After juggling an early sporting life between the rugby pitch, show jumping and the gym, followed by four years building up the business in the South East of England, Mark was introduced to a client who would not only transform his career but his personal life too.

The late Tom Perkins was one of the leading venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, who co-funded startup companies such as AOL, Amazon and Google.  It was Tom who inspired Mark professionally and personally, by offering him a position his position on board The Maltese Falcon.

When asked for his career highlights to date, he said: “Favourite achievements are hard to define, however, being part of The Maltese Falcon crew and the experiences we all had as a team has to be up there. Crossing the Atlantic, cruising the South Pacific and more recently meeting so many fascinating individuals on my travels.  You can’t put a price on any of these and that will always motivate me.”

“I have swum with humpback whales, visited places on this earth I will never see again, sailed across the oceans and met with extraordinary people, all because I had an opportunity and I took it!”

Read below for Mark’s health & fitness tips, exclusively for Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine:

There are three essential components to a fitness programme for those after a conditioned and athletic body shape – Cardiovascular, Strength and Flexibility.  It’s impossible to just focus on one or two aspects and expect the same results if that’s the goal.  Whilst those who prefer to only lift weights may have an extremely strong physique, more often than not their flexibility is poor with the increased muscle development, and their cardiovascular capabilities are limited too.

Including a cardio routine to the weekly programme helps to develop the important respiratory and circulatory systems together far more so than strength training alone. The myocardium, lungs and diaphragm become stronger and more efficient at transporting oxygen and nutrients around the body as endurance and intensity develops.

A good programme helps to increase bone density, so therefore important for the more mature athlete. It lowers body fat and cholesterol levels, reduces and regulates blood pressure and increases the body’s metabolism.  It also helps to reduce the risk of serious disease (heart disease, cancer and diabetes) and it’s a great way to reduce daily stress levels.  So, for complete body conditioning, inside and out, cardiovascular training has to be included.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Rachel Evans

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