HelloFresh UK – No more last minute dashes to the local store

May 19, 2016

No more tasteless, mass-market produce.

The increase in dietary information, the production of cookery books and the huge quantity of amazing TV cookery programmes has ensured we are all far more educated in the kitchen department, and HelloFresh has taken it one step further.

HelloFresh has removed the time consuming and rather monotonous trudging along supermarket ailes! HelloFresh deliver directly to your front door an exciting box full of goodness, produce from the best British suppliers (whenever possible). The goods are packed with Woolco, ( a sustainable insulation made from sheep’s wool), this means your ingredients remain fresh as it travels to you, in fact even if you’re not able to accept delivery exactly as arrives to your home it will stay fresh for 24 hours.

The box arrives packed with care and attention, the meat is vacuum sealed, the veggies tasty and nutritious. Whether it’s meat, veggies, dairy, nuts or a measured-out teaspoon of spices, the only thing you will need is some olive oil, salt and pepper.

The box comes with recipe cards listing the exact ingredients for each recipe, the nutritional value of your meal and simple to follow instructions, I have loved every single one of my 16 recipes, we’ve experienced products we’ve never used before, or even heard of and have created with a lot of ingenious help some wonderful meals away from the norm.

The HelloFresh ethos is to make cooking fun, nutritious and easy, whether you’re a culinary genius, like me , or just a beginner, and this is made simple due to the extremely concise recipes cards. The cards provide all of the information you need to create your delicious dishes. The sauces, stocks, herbs, spices and sauces are all included in the box, perfectly measured and ready for use, no measuring or weighing needed!

HelloFresh are so confident in their service that although you can subscribe, there is no minimum subscription, you can pause your box deliveries at any time, you can also just order the evening before for next day delivery just a one off box.

You can choose a box with 4 meals in it for either 2 or 4 people. We’ve had several boxes for 4 people, the recipes are all stunning. My own personal experience has been superb. I have found that I don’t need to go to the supermarket as often, therefor I spend less. The joy of cooking with new ingredients has also bought back the love of cooking, the mundane evening meals are now far more exciting for us all, and my 16 year old athlete son has taken to the kitchen too, although the mess he creates is a whole different story!

The Times newspaper showed a comparison that was very interesting, they worked out that a HelloFresh meal costs an average of £4.90 a person, compared with £6.55 from Tesco when buying equivalent quality ingredients (May 2013).

From James Knight, who is a Royal-Warrant holding fishmonger to Roaming Roosters, a sustainable farming butcher, you can be sure you’ll be eating the best.

Give HelloFresh a go, you really won’t regret it!

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