iFit Watches, styled for fun and functionality

June 19, 2018

The iFit Duo is the first smartwatch of its kind on the market with a dual-face. It can be smart or playful, as it’s engineered for both business and play.

iFit Duo

Dual face: the iFit Duo suits both a professional and active lifestyle.

For the office: A traditional timepiece assembled with expert craftsmanship, the classic dial face showcases a signature, sophisticated style.

For the gym/on-the-go: Flip the watch face over to discover a bright LCD screen displaying real-time activity stats and fitness data including net calories, steps taken and distance covered.

On-screen notifications: Choose which calls and texts are important with discreet, on-screen notifications. iFit will also send you healthy suggestions about when to get up and move (vibration alerts), so users are constantly motivated to stay active.

Auto-activity detection: All workouts and activities will automatically be recorded by the Duo. State-of-the-art technology detects whenever users change activities, whether walking/sleeping/working out, so the stats that count the most are never missed.

Water-resistant: The Duo is water-resistant up to 50 meters, meaning users can take it for a swim and work out in the rain.

The iFit family: With iFit, everything you do is connected. This means that all stats—whether users are running with one of our wearables or working out on a piece of iFit ready fitness equipment—sync up to the same cloud. You can find all of your information, safe and secure, in one convenient place.

Available in three difference designs: Space (black, round face), Cloud (white, round face) and Knight (black, square face)

RRP from £349.99 (currently on sale from £249) the iFit Duo is available to buy at Powerhouse Fitness

iFit Classic

The iFit Classic allows users to stay fit in style – from the office to the gym. Adding a twist of luxury to fitness tracking, the Classic’s analogue display provides a timeless look, with three fitness subdials displaying steps taken, calories in and net calories. Other key features include.

Vibration alerts: The Classic will send you gentle vibration reminders when you need to get up and move around
MoveReady™ technology: Go for a run, bike, or a walk without ever telling your Classic. The Classic automatically detects which movements you’re doing, and when you switch from one activity to the next.

Calorie logging: Quickly log your calories directly on the Classic and see your real-time net calories.

Water resistant: It’s proofed up to 50 meters, so you’ll never have to worry about taking it off when you go swimming, or even when you’re simply doing dishes or taking a shower. Available in Obsidian (black) and Frost (white)

RRP £199 (currently on sale from £129) the iFit Classic is available to buy at Powerhouse Fitness

iFit Vue

With SmartMove™ technology, the iFit Vue not only detects specific movement patterns, but it also knows when users switch activities, whether they’re walking, running, swimming or sleeping. Perfect for those-on-the-go, the Vue also boasts features such as –

Touchscreen display: View stats, log calories and receive smartphone notifications on the OLED touchscreen.

Water resistant: Because the band is water resistant, users can wear it any time they work out.

Real-time reminders: Gentle vibrations tell users when to move or when it’s time to wake up. Available in Sangria (pink) and black/blue

The iFit Vue has an RRP £71.99, available at Argos

iFit Sleep HR

iFit’s Sleep HR sleep sensor collaborates with EarlySense, the market leader in contact-free health sensing and analytics. The sensor slips under your mattress – it’s so slim, you’ll never feel it. iFit Sleep HR digs deep into your nightly patterns by tracking your heart and respiratory rate, body movements, and time spent in each cycle. iFit then provide insights to help you improve your sleep every single night, through the iFit Sleep app.

Contactless sensor tracks heart rate to monitor light, deep and REM sleep,Tracks breathing to identify any problems
Wakes you up at the right time with the Fresh Awake™ alarm and offers receive personalised tips to improve sleep and overall wellness.

RRP £169 (currently on sale at £129) the iFit Sleep HR is available at Nordic Track

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