Nosh your way to a slimmer waist

July 3, 2018

Founder Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Nosh was founded in 2008 as a result of spending years fighting the Geeta Sidhu-Robb son’s multiple food allergies and anaphylaxis as a baby. During his first 18 months, herself and her partner spent over 260 days in hospital with him.

Her work as a Corporate Lawyer had to stop so she could focus on caring for him. She really couldn’t find anyone to help me so she developed her own solutions using nutritious, balanced meals, alternative therapies and natural supplements.

Using just these natural methods she completely cured his eczema [and he was covered in it from head to toe!], reduced his asthma to an intermittent event and she is ever the proud mother of a child primarily allergic to homework!

Along the way, Geeta took 3 years to qualify as a Raw Chef, a Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist. She hoped that her story would provide people with the inspiration to change their own lives as it’s changed so many of her clients’ lives.

I was lucky enough to sample one weeks worth of Geeta’s incredible raw delicaseys – being offered a weeks non-sugar diet to sample the week before I was due a short break.

Monday came and I received a gorgeously wrapped white bag (with a label that had my name on it – yes it was exciting) & was most excited about what the package contained.

It looked a little small, but I opened the packaging to reveal separately packed items for ‘breakfast’, ‘lunch’, ‘dinner’ and ‘snacks’ as well as a tailored printed menu. The benefit of having the menus is knowing exactly what came first & when I was allowed my snacks.

I had an incredible granola breakfast with oat milk (after never trying oat milk before i can assure you it was the best thing to have with healthy granola cereal). The only issue was that the milk itself was even in a plastic bag…
I wasn’t impressed with the plastic bag milk and a little saddened by the portion sizes, however, the food was delicious. The meals were simple, nutritious and well-balanced. I didn’t actually get hungry after the first day because they were well-thought out and balanced for somebody who works a busy life.

My favourite meal was the chicken with a salad and light sauce and the meals for me got better throughout the week as they became more liquid based on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday but Friday included x2 solid meals.

Geeta’s butternut squash soup and kale soup were really wonderful, they could have done with a slice of sourdough bread but were extremely well-portioned and flavoursome.

The sugar headaches were awful (but that shows how addictive sugar is for the body) and since my NOSH detox I think about food a lot more and try to work with whatever is in my fridge.

In 4 days I lost 4 pounds, so I would highly recommend this for a quick solution for your holidays, it’s perfect! If however you like food and workout a lot i would advise not to go straight for this detox. Simply because on my third day I went to my normal gym session and half way through nearly fainted due to the activity being to straining on my body with so little carb based foods.

I think if NOSH added slightly more carbs to their meals they would have a winning combination for women who like to lose weight but workout. Currently it’s perfect for that holiday coming up in a few weeks though!

Geeta’s gratitude for her life’s work fills her with an unceasing drive and knowledge to learn more and understand more of the body’s workings & I admire her work so far – she is an extremely talented woman.

W: Nosh Detox

Written by Kaya Cheshire for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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