Opacity Digital: creating bespoke websites to truly reflect your brand

July 17, 2017

Our online world has become as ubiquitous as the offline. The truth is that if your business isn’t online then it might as well cease to exist. A good website is everything. Just like the glamorous shop windows of old, a well-designed and stunning website is the best introduction for your brand. Therefore, you’ll want to do a good job when building and designing your website. That’s where Opacity Digital comes in.

Opacity Digital is a creative digital agency that is underpinned by a passion for truly beautiful and functional design. It uses best practice to ensure all websites created offer the best user experience, are fully secure, and will rank highly in search results.

Because a website is online 24/7, Opacity Digital customers benefit from fast and reliable support with any technical issues.

Opacity Digital is also proud of providing mobile responsive web design as standard. This creates websites that can respond to whatever device they are viewed on. It automatically resizes to a mobile website, a desktop, or to be viewed on a tablet – offering an unparalleled customer experience that is consistent across all devices.

It’s an important (but often overlooked) step, as Google recently changed its algorithm to only rank mobile responsive websites in search results. In other words, if your website isn’t mobile responsive, then it won’t be seen by the 60% of customers searching for your business via their mobile.

You can only do justice to your brand with a bespoke website. Instead of off-the-shelf websites, which often look identical and can have technical issues with the code, Opacity Digital offers fully bespoke design and code. Your website will be completely unique to your business.

Opacity Digital specialises in creating stunning websites for luxury brands (including Luxuria Lifestyle). It can also offer other marketing and design services, ensuring that you present a clear and consistent brand identity to your customers. All of its services, from web design to filmography, can work in tandem as well as separately. To build a strong brand you must present a united front to your customers across every touchpoint, including your website, social media, email marketing and design.

The passion behind Opacity Digital’s work is evident in its work. The team worked closely with Luxuria Lifestyle to completely revamp our website. The result is a site that doesn’t just look eye-catching, but that is also easy to navigate and use. Behind the scenes, Opacity Digital has used best-in-class security practices to ensure our website is as secure as possible. The team also worked with our editors to ensure everyone could use the system to upload all the content and articles that we know you all love.

The ongoing support that Opacity Digital offers us is really second to none. We can approach them any time for technical support (or even a few hints and tips).

When you’ve put the effort into creating a luxury brand, your website really cannot fall flat. After all, your website is often the first impression any potential customers have of your business. Having a bespoke website, completely designed with your brand and customers in mind, can make all the difference. If you want to attract a luxury clientele, you need a high-quality website built with the best coding practices.

Opacity Digital creates highly visual websites that will make your brand stand out. But even better, it also does the technical work behind-the-scenes and has ongoing support to help take your luxury brand to the next level.

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