Stellar International Elite Athletes Appear at BodyPower Expo 2014

May 22, 2014

BodyPower Expo 2014 at Birmingham’s NEC saw elite international athletes, from the worlds of bodybuilding, fitness, combat, strongman, power sports and industry experts, who all gave personal appearances over the intense adrenaline-fuelled 3 day period.  Competitions, demonstrations and product giveaways entertained the estimated 60,000 strong visitors during Friday 16th to Sunday 18th May 2014.  Flex Magazine and The Beef photographers were in attendance to capture the energy that is world-renowned for its elite athletes, especially with bodybuilding and fitness model physiques being showcased.

“Pushing The Boundaries of The Bodies Power” summed up Body Power 2014.  Representing sponsors were Bodybuilders, bikini athletes, fitness models and some of the phenomenal physiques that compete in the UK, who did personal appearances on the exclusive stands, greeting both fitness industry professionals and fitness fans, last weekend.

Getting the inside-eye on BodyPower as Bikini Athlete, I represented my sponsor Team SNE –Sports Nutrition Europe on our stand, where Nick Orton CEO of Body Power stopped by to say hello and take a selfie.  Bodybuilding legend and CEO Rich Gaspari posed with me for pictures, along with a host of my co-athlete friends.

Pro Athletes Martin KJellstrom and Nelson Lopez on our Team SNE stand brought fresh faces to the BodyPower 2014 Expo.  Neighbouring stands were hosted by other bodybuilding stars including- Flex Lewis, Neil Hill, Kai Jacob Lyons, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Richard Gozdecki, and Roger Snipes.  The body beautiful and killer bodies mingled and networked and we all speak the same language.  Female athletes included IFBB Pro Nathalia Melo, Carly Thornton, Marina Cornwall, Lyndsey Beattie (my fellow Harlequin Bikini sponsored athlete).

The Legendary Tony Mount, Nabba Mr. Universe 2011 Champion (and NABBA Worlds 2nd place) is one of my Facebook friends who stopped by to say hi for a pic with me.  I thanked him for being supportive of my bikini athlete journey and his words of competitor wisdom will stay with me forever.

The spirit of BodyPower Expo 2014 is about mutual support and appreciation that we all share as athletes, regardless of how big our muscles are.  And the public who came to BodyPower for inspiration certainly had more than a pocketful of energy to take back home with them and into the gym for renewed focus on their own fitness goals.

So there I was, wearing bespoke barely-there black hot pants and cropped tops, which complimented my bikini curves.  I spent an awesome 3 days promoting the SNE brand, alongside 3 other bikini athletes: Sarah Meyers, Poppy Hooton and Aleksandra Lipa.  (Aleksandra and I had competed and won our bikini titles at last year`s TFE Total Fitness show, as seen in Alex Mac`s The Beef bodybuilding and fitness magazine).

I shook hands with members of the public who came up to me for pictures, to ask about how I achieved my bikini athlete body and for SNE product news they could themselves benefit from.  I talked about the SNE brand and gave them protein with shakers to try.

At BodyPower Expo 2014 -getting the chance to connect with people, some total strangers- who have seen my pictures and fitness interviews in the media or on TV (Channel Four`s First Dates) was a humbling experience.  I am always amazed anyone remembers me.

“You look great -keep it up” many told me.  It was funny to see their faces, quizzically looking at me after their initial approach saying “I KNOW you from somewhere!” I stayed silent and smiled.  There was a few seconds silence as I watched them search their memory brain banks.

“Yes-It was you know…that TV show First Dates!!  You came across really well !” Making a connection with people is an awesome feeling.  We chatted, they noticed the SNE brand.  At least when these lovely people complimented me I could tell them what I was using to achieve my bikini athlete body.  (And how I looked reasonably okay in my Celeb Boutique pink dress I wore on the reality show).  Plus i’`s all on the SNE website to order, plus the exclusive Body Power discount code is available to June.

The expo had an added edge of anticipation and excitement – as our sponsors brand was making its debut at BodyPower Expo.  SNE – Sports Nutrition Europe has now joined the stable of leading sports nutrition brands which are household names like PHD, USN, CNP, Sci-Tec Nutrition, Extreme Nutrition, and newer brands like Kinetica and Grenade.

As a sponsored bikini athlete with SNE, my workouts are fuelled by 100 per cent SNE supplements, which I have used for the last 7 months and can see the difference in my body shape.  Gaining natural muscle tone is a hard task and I now have a sculpted lean and toned fitness model physique with abs definition.  My goals are to maintain it all year round and I am confident SNE can support me along my growth path.

To use the SNE supplements you don’t have to be a fitness model.  Regular gym-goers can benefit from using the SNE Whey Protein, Pre and Post Workout products and the Lean Pro V 5 natural green tea and caffeine fat burner.  I use all three and they taste amazing and not so sickly like some products which have large sweetener amounts.  For men there are strong products like the SNE True Gainer.  By visiting the online website you can choose from several options and each product is explained to help you make the right choice.

Questions people asked me at BodyPower were on largely on diet.  For gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts SNE supplements are great and help with fat loss and building muscle tone and sticking to the eating small meals 5-6 times a day diet.  The Macros and ratios of Protein-Carb-Fats are a formula for success, and when you get this right then you are on your way to achieving your dream body.  Supplementation aids the challenge of ensuring you eat the exact amounts of nutrition in your diet.  It’s a winning formula when you combine the two.  This is why SNE supports elite athletes, winning coveted national and international competing titles.

As a 43 year old female athlete getting the diet right is key to me.  Training and diet go hand in hand.  Yes, they say “Abs are made in the kitchen” and the competitor athlete diet is not for the faint-hearted.  With hard-core discipline, focus and determination workouts and dieting is aided with the right supplements, pre and post-workout products that do make a big difference to my bikini body I present on stage at the shows.

As the queues snaked around the SNE stand as fitness and bodybuilding fans patiently queued to get signed pictures.  Martin and Nelson posed, shook hands and smiled their way through the gruelling but adrenaline-fuelled fun – 3 intense day period.  SNE signature colours of black and orange products stood out under the bright and strategically placed lights, as the fans gripped their freebie protein shakers, samples, online discount codes and exclusive Muscle Works gym workout DVD.

Behind the scenes getting ready for appearing at the BodyPower Expo 2014- I had kept my body ticking along in condition, it was just one week before that I had been on stage at the TFE –Total Fitness competition, where I was given the special award of most “Improved Athlete” in a year.  Thanks to the TFE judges for the award, that meant a lot to me as my bikini athlete body is a work in progress.

And just five weeks before the TFE show, which was 6 weeks prior to BodyPower, I was on stage in my first 2014 show at Hercules Olympia in Bikini class.  Even though I didn’t place, the awesome pictures taken by fitness photographer Anthony Chia-Bradley at Hercules Olympia gave me confidence that I had made significant body sculpting gains.  Wearing my Harlequin bikini in red, as sponsored athlete I get given new bikinis for every competition.  The bespoke bikini helped enhance my shape and gains, especially on my shoulders, arms and legs.  And pictures speak a thousand words.

Also exhibiting at BodyPower was Matt Marsh official competition and fitness photographer.  His photos are recognisable from the TFE competition, 5 weeks before the expo, showed my body leaner and definitely stronger.  So I knew that for Body Power I was in peak condition.  (Bikini athletes must have softer muscle definition and softer abs, than the other female fitness classes such as fitness and physique.)  Harlequin Bikini gave me a stunning Swarovski crystal purple foil fabric bespoke bikini for TFE and Matt Marsh photos caught the light of the bling and the stage lighting showcased my bikini muscle and tone.

All in all, appearing at BodyPower for me was so humbling –with regard to the number of people in the industry and fitness fans, who took the time to come over for a photo and told me I inspired them.  It makes me want to always help others get fit and healthy.  To continue to be a voice.

When you spend every week being your biggest critic on the development of your own body shape and being patient to re-sculpt those weaker areas, to have people say how good they think you look is like being given a gift.  And whenever I receive a kind compliment from a co-athlete, I am blind to seeing what they see – all I see is a work in progress.  I am body confident yes, but the hard-core gym workouts knock out any ego.  And BodyPower 2014 gave me a renewed faith that I am on the right track.

Looking back in the rear view mirror, at 43, I won the TFE Bikini Diva Champion 2013, and I aim to compete 3-4 times a year until I win again.  The Holy Grail of competing is to get your Pro-card with one of the federations.  My journey began 17 months ago.  And now thanks to TFE federation and BodyPower 2014, I am firmly on the bikini fitness athlete competing radar.  I continue to be fitness spokes model in the international media to inspire and help other non-athlete fitness enthusiasts, to take their first steps into a fitness lifestyle.

As one female BodyPower visitor told me taking a picture on her i-Phone “You helped me get back into fitness, so keep going”.  I believe this is where we can make a difference, and in the words of BodyPower Expo 2014 we are all “Pushing the Boundaries of the Bodies Power”.

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