The Hydrafacial administered by the very talented Facialist Fatma

June 25, 2018

Without sounding too conceited, growing up, I was always the envy of my friends for the fact that I have always been incredibly lucky with my skin. I have never suffered from outbreaks when going through puberty or hormone changes, I never randomly came had an outbreak because I’d had one too many drinks or a take away over the weekend and I never suffered from any pigmentation problems. In fact, I remember buying my first ever foundation at 18 years old, when I started going to a mixed sixth form for my A – levels, but until then I rarely used anything other than a bit of bronzer and mascara.

My mum had always told me the importance of cleansing, toning and moisturising, to exfoliate twice a week, drink plenty of water and flip my pillow over every other night to avoid getting spots from a soiled pillow. Muma knows best. I feel incredibly lucky being able to review beautiful clinics and spas and when offered the choice between a facial and a body massage, because I look after my skin I usually almost always go for the body treatment, but not this time.

When I was first by approached by Skin & Sanctuary and offered the chance to experience a HydraFacial, it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. For the first time ever, my skin needed some thorough TLC. I’d heard great things about the HydraFacial but didn’t know the ins and outs of exactly what it entailed, all I knew was that it was like no other facial.

After having parked on the beautiful square on Victoria Park Road in Hackney, I had a few minutes to stroll up and down the road, it  featured independent coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants.  Skin & Sanctuary was hidden between two restaurants and a small black door lead me up to a beautiful, tranquil newly transformed first floor flat. Tucked away as it was meant this welcoming and charming clinic provided the peace and privacy that most clients require.

I was greeted and welcomed into the stunning dusty pink waiting area by the salon owners Sonia and Saira who gave me a little background about their careers on Harley Street, before introducing me to their head therapist Fatma. Before my treatment, the ladies took me aside and gave me a full skin consultation using an incredible piece of machinery called Visia. Placing my chin on a small ledge, the Visia machine rotated smoothly around me to take several images of my skin. In order to achieve a more successful HydraFacial, this was thoroughly recommended so Fatma could see which areas needed work and love.

As Saira talked me through my images, she could show me the main areas of wrinkles, pores, sensitivity, spots, any UV damage, brown spots, red areas, inflammation, areas which had most bacteria and any pigmentation or discoloration problems. This consultation took about 20 minutes as we discussed any worries and recommendations of products Saira suggested that may help. For me, my main worry was the possible UV damage. I go very dark very quickly during the Summer months and lap it up due to the little amount of sun we see in this country. After being gently told off for not wearing SPF daily, Fatma lead me upstairs to a stylish treatment room with a bed so comfy I relaxed immediately.

Now this facial is not one to send you to sleep. Fatma described it to me as an MOT for your skin. It’s effective and tailored for every skin type and you see great results directly after your treatment. Fatma addressed my specific skin concerns, this was a bespoke facial, and although it is quite expensive I highly recommend it, my skin was glowing, hydrated and smooth. Best of all this is a non-invasive, and the most powerful of its kind.

There are 6 steps to the facial and while its expensive, I honestly cannot recommend it enough to anyone.

Detox – The first step removes any makeup that still sits on or in your skin that a normal makeup remover or cleanser cannot reach. The lymphatic drainage helps to improve circulation of the lymphatic system and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin and brings more oxygen to the skin cells. Increasing the blood flow and oxygen levels helps to restore hydration, tone and firms up your skin.

Cleansing and Exfoliating – Dead skin cells are gently removed using almost a tool that represents a tooth brush. Fatma brushed away at my skin working through each area carefully to reveal healthy new skin. This is done by using a serum containing lactic acid which helps to nourish and cleanse the skin as the new skin layer appears.

Brightening – A glycolic solution is gently applied and massaged onto the skin and left for a few minutes. This loosens debris from your pores ready for the next stage of the facial whilst brightening the appearance of your skin.

Extraction – This stage was mainly focused around my nose and t – zone. Fatma informed me that the small spots on my forehead were because I had just recovered from a tummy bug. Spots of your forehead are related to your gut, spots on your cheeks are related to your lungs and respiratory system and spots around your mouth are from your hormones. Using a small round headed tool, Fatma gently scratched away at the surface removing any blackheads and drawing out impurities in any congested and blocked areas using a natural honey and salicylic acid.

Hydration – A cocktail of Hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants were washed over my skin to replenish, brighten and hydrate the brand new layer of skin that Fatma had magically created for me.

Rejuvenation – To finish the treatment off, a red infrared LED light mask was placed over my face to reduce any redness from the HydraFacial, to stimulate my collagen flow and to leave my skin with a glowing finish.

I honestly, hand on heart cannot recommend this HydraFacial to anyone enough. It’s amazing for both men and women with any skin type. If you want a quick fix with immediate results without having to resort to surgery, the HydraFacial is perfect for you.

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