The Tuffit: Cardio & Strength training equipment designed to look just like furniture.

February 16, 2016

With a home full of athletes and gym bunnies it was important for us to dedicate a small room in our home to becoming a gym.  With limited space it was important for us to chose equipment that was spacially efficient and multi functional. Enter the ‘Tuffit’ – a stylishly designed piece of highly functional gym equipment.

The Tuffit was created by an experienced female personal trainer and multi-titled figure champion and it includes:

2 x platform heights for cardio activity and strength work
3 x sets of resistance tubing which can be flexibly combined for strength training between 2kg and 23kg.
CoreCurve cushion to maximise abdominal engagement and optimise your core workout
Printed ‘Find your Fit’ guide listing over 50 different exercises
Unlimited access to over 150 personal training programmes provided online (App coming soon)
Programmes designed for body areas
Storage drawer that also works as the second platform
A choice of colours and upholstery fabrics

The Tuffit provides hours of fitness fun in your own home, you can make up your own programme or follow one of the many online training programmes. The resistance tubing is an amazing way to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and the step is great for improving your cardio activity. The cushion is well padded and so extremely comfortable for ab work.

The Tuffit is small and concise, practical and effective. I feel when I can’t get to the gym the Tuffit provides a wonderful way of ensuring you keep your fitness regime going even on your most busy days.

The Tuffit is able to withstand a huge amount of weight and is suitable for all levels of fitness and costs from a mere £299. It is also available in a variety of paint and fabric finishes to fit with your decor.

I highly recommend this piece of home gym equipment, we’ve all been using it for a good few weeks now and with the huge number of online training programmes are not likely to get bored anytime soon.

Roll on the Summer #newfitbody

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