10 simple reasons why you should choose SORRY for BEING SEXY

February 11, 2018

You like quality and comfort

SORRY for BEING SEXY only use the best materials for you and we check a thousand times for the most comfortable fit of our designs.

You want to show your core as a woman

Being sexy is an attitude, not body shape. Every woman can be sexy. It is a state of mind. You feel good in your own skin and you wear great quality underwear with our statement to underline this.

You like a little fun in your life

You don’t take life or yourself too seriously. Really, life is too short for this. You are fun to be with, positive and you smile and laugh a lot. You have a little twinkle in your eye as soon as you put one of our styles on.

You want to be yourself

You don’t wear what others dictate. You like to choose something that reflects your thoughts and feelings and personality. You do not want to be pressured to mirror others.

You like to feel sexy

You love your body with all its flaws. You know who you are. You want to be playful with your underwear, because clothes can be more than just practical cover ups.

You want your partner to feel you are sexy

You want this fire to continue burning. You want to be desired and appreciated. You know you can create a vibe around yourself as a woman, which men (your man) will simply just adore!

You like something different

You want to be individual and not part of the herd. You also don’t want to be used as a billboard for any brandname. You prefer to make a statement.

You want to be part of a great movement

You follow our story and you like it that we support you feeling sexy, confident, beautiful and unique. It is that great mix of femininity, grace, fun and confidence.

You like our ideas and approach

You understand that we are not trying to re-invent the wheel, but you like that we sell garments with an added value. That we love women and empowerment and that we like to see you owning your femininity.

You want more than a garment for your money

At SORRY for BEING SEXY you don’t just pay for a garment, you also get your key to fun, joy and self confidence thrown in.

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