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April 4, 2020

3 Luxury Travel Trends for 2020

While 2019 winds down, many people are already looking towards 2020 to continue exploring all the world has to offer. Those lucky enough to spend winter in another country will no doubt be filling our Instagram feeds with enviable locations, so it’s only right we start looking towards 2020 to fill up our travel calendar. But, what is going to be important in travel in the next year?

Summer may be a while away, but the trends for what we’ll be doing for it have already begun to manifest. What big travel trends will shape our first summer in the next roaring twenties?

Transformative Travel

With mindfulness and mental wellbeing being such an important aspect of people’s lives, it’s no surprise that travel trends for the next year will be around what is known as transformative travel. This means spiritual getaways, reconnecting with nature, Zen retreats, and yoga-based activities. Not only do we want a vacation that will leave us refreshed, but we want to feel some spiritual enlightenment from doing so.

To be enriched by the entire journey is something we will be striving for in 2020 and resorts that offer these opportunities will likely increase. As the mindfulness app Headspace shows us, there are many ways we can try to feel more enlightened and spiritual in our day to day lives, so it’s easy enough to infuse this spirituality into our travel plans.

Unexplored Beaches

While travel trends of previous years have been dominated by excitement and thrill-seeking, 2020 will see us come back to the beach and focus more on relaxation. There are countless beach resorts that are still considered to be hidden treasures and the picturesque locations can be experienced by many people without being damaging to their natural beauty.

From Thailand and Laos to Hawaii and the Maldives, flying and flopping sound like the order of the day to counteract our busy lives. The calming presence of the ocean and textures of the sand make for the perfect way to ground ourselves. Beaches and the sea are heavily connected to the traditional idea of holidays and are often used in entertainment to represent that theme, with the Hawaiian Dream online slot on Manekichi being an example of that.

Some Work, Some Play

While half of us will amp up our relaxation, the other half will combine their travel with work next year. Global business travel is set to rise to $1.4 trillion by the end of next year, and with a rise in freelance and remote workers, many will see this as a way to combine travel with the daily grind. Instead of taking one or two weeks out to vacation, people may take a month abroad but work for some of the time. Wi-Fi links and remote working spaces are in abundance, especially in built-up areas, and your office routine could be dealt the shake-up it needs to be surrounded by another language and culture.

While not everyone wants to follow every trend, some are there because they will be shaping how we will spend the next year. Whether we will go for a Zen retreat to become more mindful, visit some unexplored beaches and let the world pass by, or do the opposite and cram more work into some new surroundings, 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for travel as it is.

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