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March 29, 2019

5 Great Reasons to Add a Home Office to Your Home

As we approach April, Stress Awareness Month, we are reminded of the debate of working from an office or from home. Remote working is becoming more common and as a result, home offices are becoming more popular. Whilst there are benefits to working in an office, read on for five great reasons why you should consider adding a home office to your home.

Commute Less, Work More

Picture this: you hit snooze one too many times, and now you face no breakfast, the prospect of every traffic light between you and work turning red, or missing your train. Whilst commuting has its perks (it can be an ideal time to process the day ahead), there is no doubt that it is an element of our day that most could do without. With a home office, you cut this out, enjoy a leisurely start to your morning, and arrive at your office (aka a room in your house) refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Create Your Own Space

Everyone is motivated in different ways. Some may love an abundance of plants whilst others may choose to light an invigorating candle. Some enjoy having paperwork on their desk to hand, others might like a minimalistic feel with everything hidden. With a home office, you can really tune in to what you need in order to increase your productivity.

Save Money

Why not take the opportunity to reduce costs and use your home to create an office exactly how you want it? Luluna has furniture for a range of office types and their pieces can be used to really maximise space. So, whilst you’ll have to factor in the initial cost of setting up a home office, you’ll save money in the long run (and Luluna offers free shipping to the UK to keep costs down).


You’re craving coffee, chocolate, fresh air… Not a problem when you work at home. You need to wait in for the plumber? Not an issue, as you can continue working before, during and after they arrive. You have the chance to continue your work and not leave the office to fulfil other commitments, which are often unavoidable.

Improve Your Work Life Balance

With all the demands placed on us, it is now more important than ever to ensure we have the right kind of work life balance. Your home office will allow you the freedom to prioritise things in your daily life, whilst still maintaining the productivity you need within your work. What doesn’t sound great about being able to continue the high quality of work you want and not feeling guilty about everything else that needs your attention too?

Being able to create a home office and work from home is a quite an opportunity and one that could make a vast difference to your work, personal life and general well-being. Whatever you need or want from your home office, you can customise it exactly to your needs.

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