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January 8, 2020

5 Luxurious Cafés to Visit When You’re in Australia

Despite being many thousands of miles from any coffee-producing nation, the cafe-culture in Australia is one of the most vibrant in the world. Aussies have famously high standards when it comes to coffee. Speak to any Australian, and they will tell you that the coffee served Down Under is second to none. It is a common sight to see tourists from the country turning their noses up in a café before waxing lyrical about Australian coffee when travelling abroad. So, what’s all the fuss about? This article will take you on a tour of the five most luxurious cafes to go to if you find yourself on a flying visit.

Cru Espresso, Sydney

Located in the leafy suburb of Gladesville, Cru Espresso serves as the headquarters for some of the proudest coffee roasters Sydney has to offer. Aside from housing a bar that serves some of the richest and most textured coffee made from hand-roasted beans that you will have ever had the pleasure of tasting, the café combines a top-quality menu of dishes to whet the appetite with a relaxed atmosphere and tasteful décor. Definitely a place not to be missed if you are in Sydney and looking for somewhere to enjoy a cup!

Seven Seeds, Melbourne

Somewhere in between a café and a restaurant, Seven Seeds is a favourite student haunt in a beautifully converted spacious warehouse in a trendy area of the city. Giving off an industrial but modern vibe, the staff here are extremely friendly and attentive, and coffee is up there among the most delicious in the whole of the country.

Double Roasters, Sydney

Another Sydney café serving fantastic quality café is Double Roasters. Situated in the suburb of Marrickville, an area that is quickly gaining fame for its coffee offering throughout the city and beyond, you cannot go wrong with a cup of aromatic espresso and a quick bite to eat here on your way to work or sitting down for a chat with friends or family on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning.

First Pour, Brisbane

With a great breakfast and brunch menu and a cosy atmosphere, First Pour in Brisbane should be your first stop when it comes to satisfying your coffee needs. The choice of coffee bean changes on a weekly basis, and there is something for coffee-drinkers of all shapes and sizes. The staff here clearly know their coffee and are always willing to offer useful advice to even the most seasoned coffee connoisseur.

The Cupping Room, Canberra

First established as a concept café, the Cupping Room is a great place to experience the community vibe of Australia’s capital city. Frequented regularly by local artists and musicians, the café takes its name from the process through which coffee growers and roasters judge the taste and quality of different coffees. An enormous variety of blends is available today for anyone who cares to be taken on a flavour journey through the cornucopia of the world’s most exotic and flavoursome beans.

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