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March 16, 2021

5 Most Luxury Stadiums in the UK

Originating in Britain, you can bet that some of the best football stadiums can be found there! These places of legends and legendary matches remember football history from its very beginnings. If you are on your way to visit the UK, take note of these five bad boys and make sure you check out at least one!

Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in London

We start with this one because the first televised match happened at Arsenal’s stadium. The old one, in Highbury, but cool, right? It was actually a practice game of Arsenal players and happened in 1937. The new one, called Emirates Stadium, is just a few hundred meters away from the old one, and it’s a place of splendor. It cost almost 400 million pounds, and it has a capacity for more than 60k fiery football fans.

Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium

Heading to Liverpool to put our hats down to some of the best game atmospheres a stadium can offer. It’s considered one of the favorite stadiums to play in, but thanks to the amazing crowd. It is also one of the most reported on stadiums with plenty of news surrounding it!

It has the capacity for almost 55 thousand people. The famous ‘You will never walk alone’ quote in honor of Bill Shankly stands at Shankly gates that adorn the entrance to the stadium. And Parsley Gateway stands out of the Kop, erected in 1999 to honor the three-European Cup wins during the reign of the former manager.

Bets on Liverpool At Anfield This Year Not So Great!

When the season began, the odds-on Liverpool regaining the Premier League title was short. Fast forward to now, and Annfield Stadium is not longer the fortress it was for the past 3 seasons.

Betting on the away team winning at Anfield still comes with some amazing odds, and in Liverpool’s current form, it is worth taking those odds of an away win! If things don’t go your way while the game is in motion, then you always have live odds from the in-play markets to hedge your bets! You can odds on the next goal scorer, yellow cards, and you can now get odds on how many passes the home team will complete during the game.

Newcastle’s St. James’ Park Stadium

The icon of the North is definitely one of the best in England. The locals call it ‘the cathedral’ that watches over the fans from the hill it stands on. With the capacity of over 50.000 seats, it held some legendary matches. This place has seen the drama and the grandeur of cheering for more than a hundred years now. The tours available will take you to the changing rooms as well as executive boxes.

Wembley. Yes. Wembley

Another football jewel of London, Wembley Stadium is one that most children learn first when learning about the UK’s football stadiums. Whether for famous matches or concerts, every Londoner knows when something’s cooking in Wembley.
Reopened in 2007 after construction of the modern version, this architectural wonder is a sight for sore eyes, from in and out, as up as ‘in person’. It’s also the largest Stadium with stunning 90.000 seats. Definitely something you shouldn’t miss!

Manchester’s Old Trafford Stadium

This Mecca for Manchester United fans around the world is definitely one of the most famous stadiums in the world. As home to Manchester United, the stadium witnessed an astounding twenty top flight titles. With the museum included, you will be able to get a glimpse of MUFC’s rich and successful history, with all the past awards on display at the spot. You can also walk along the pitch dugout, Ferguson’s Stand, as well as the dressing rooms.

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