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October 18, 2021

5 Tricks for Playing Online Slot Machines

The online gambling industry has significantly grown in the past years, attracting more players than ever. In the UK, players are only allowed to gamble once they’re 18, yet the annual online gambling revenue increased from millions in 2011 to billions in the present.

With the many gambling sites and games available, players hone their strategies in choosing the right slots for better opportunities. Although slots are mostly considered a game of luck, you can increase your chances of winning through intelligence, experience, and skills.

Here are some tips that pro gamblers have shared:

1. Know the Game

Being familiar with the game will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of prizes and volatility. The first step is to know how to play online slots. For instance, if it’s a 3 reel slots real money, you know you just need to have three matching symbols to win. Be aware, though, that some games don’t offer actual cash as rewards.

Make sure to research the slot RTP or the return to player average. The higher the RTP, the higher the chance of getting significant returns. For example, if you place 50 bets of $2 on a slot where the RTP is 97%, you can expect to recover $97 in winnings. Similarly, expect lower amounts for lower RTPs.

You also need to know the minimum and maximum bets so you won’t run out of money. Take advantage of the demo versions and familiarize yourself with the game’s features first. Use up all bonuses and other freebies too. You may even read reviews before playing to get an idea of how to operate the game in your favour.

2. Use Free Spins to Practice Your Online Slots Gaming Strategy

Luck isn’t everything when it comes to gambling. More opportunities mean more chances of winning, but you’ll always have limited funds. So, you should instead develop a strategy that’ll help you win. For instance, by trying out a demo version, you’ll get to know which symbols trigger free spins or other bonuses. You can build patterns you notice in the game to increase your winnings.

3. Take Your Time

Making rushed decisions and betting big amounts of money can have some pretty dire consequences. Remember that computer-generated slot machines have a randomized program, making it impossible to win every time. If you have a winning streak, expect that you can also lose. Practice taking breaks in between plays to keep your head clear.

One good habit is to set a gambling limit through stop-loss and stop-win. Stop-loss works with an indicated percentage loss you can afford. You should stop playing once the loss is reached. Stop-win, on the other hand, is identifying a percentage win you want. Once you fulfil this win, you should stop, so you don’t risk losing everything you’ve won. Some people believe in beginner’s luck, so if you want to keep your winnings, be smart and avoid betting it again right away.

4. Set Your Goals

If you want to win small amounts of money from time to time, go for slot games with a smaller jackpot. This means that the prize has a fixed amount and will not grow over time. If you want to win a big jackpot prize, you can go for progressive jackpot games where the main prize continues to increase every time users play. When dealing with progressive jackpots, be careful not to fall prey to the allure of great rewards. Be disciplined and self-aware when gambling.

5. Take Advantage of Opportunities

The growing popularity of online slots means more competition between game developers to snatch players. They incorporate promotions and marketing strategies to attract gamblers, like additional online slots bonuses, free slot spins, and welcome bonuses. Take full advantage of these features to save your funds while still playing for the jackpot.


Slots have been a popular game since the 1890s. Luck, opportunity, and talent are all used to increase a player’s chance to take home rewards from this ever-popular game. So, don’t just rely on your luck – create your strategy but don’t forget to enjoy playing.

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