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January 19, 2020

7 Features that Make Luxury Homes in Los Angeles More Convenient

The price of a luxury home can vary greatly depending on the area it’s located in, with Los Angeles being notorious for having some of the highest luxury home prices in the country. However, currency exchange rates allow people to live luxuriously in certain parts of the world without spending much money in their own currency. Thus, it’s important to remind yourself that the definition of luxury is relevant and isn’t necessarily tied solely to cost or expensiveness. Instead, what makes a home or trip luxurious is the experience that you have while you’re there, not just the price tag.

Luxury comes from aesthetics, comfort and, perhaps most of all, convenience – regardless of what the price may be for such luxuries in your area. With that said, investing some effort and/or money into your home to make it a convenient place to be is a surefire way to make the property look and feel more luxurious. More specifically, here are 7 home features that can make your luxurious L.A. home more convenient and comfortable than it already is:

Solar Panels

Solar panels make life more convenient by eliminating the need to pay a monthly power bill, giving you the luxury of independence. They also provide an ideal source of backup energy that can keep you comfortable in the event of power outages that would render most other homes without electricity. Furthermore, the fact that the panels only have to be maintained about once every 50 years means that you won’t be inconvenienced with having to conduct any minor repairs or frequent inspections to keep the system working.

If properly installed, your solar panel system will be tied to your home’s power circuit and will power all of your appliances, lighting, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration. So, why are solar panels the number one recommendation for adding luxury convenience in Los Angeles specifically?

Well, for starters, L.A. is the number one solar city in the nation. Secondly, California has passed a law that will require solar panel installations on all new homes built in the state after January 1st 2020. Thus, there will come a point within the next 5 years when every luxury homeowner in L.A. county will be calling solar providers in Los Angeles, such as Semper Solaris, to ensure their property isn’t left obsolete in a home market that will be increasingly dominated by solar. Semper Solaris offers a 5-decade protection warranty on all of their solar panels and is ranked as one of the best solar power companies Los Angeles, as they provide a huge variety of sizes and features to suit your home.

Before everybody else jumps on the bandwagon and solar panel costs in Los Angeles skyrocket, make the most of the incentives currently provided in California, such as the solar tax credit Los Angeles that reimburses as much as 30% of the costs of solar.

Large Kitchen Islands

This might seem like a small and insignificant feature to go out of your way for, but the effect that having a large kitchen island can produce is totally worth the investment of your time and interest. These standalone countertops provide a place where people can congregate, eat, prepare food and mount their devices or speakers.

Installing an island will also provide an area where you can install a secondary sink, which is a huge convenience booster when you’re working in the kitchen with multiple people helping out.

Many luxury homes have essentially replaced the kitchen table with a huge island countertop lined with bar stools. This provides a more sturdy and spacious area where the family can serve meals, work on homework and take care of meal prep tasks without moving the table around or travelling too far from the refrigerator. Speaking of which, close proximity to the refrigerator and cabinets is another huge convenience that installing a centrally located island offers.

The most popular materials used in the construction of kitchen island countertops are granite, quartz, laminate, butcher block, glass, and soapstone. In larger kitchens, smaller islands can be rolled in on wheels during special occasions when the chefs need all hands on deck. The great part about kitchen islands is that they add so much functionality to your home but are also something that can be built via a simple do-it-yourself project – anyone with basic handy skills can construct a kitchen island within the course of a weekend.

Flexible Floor Plans

The conventional configuration of having bedrooms, a living room/den, dining room and kitchen has somewhat been thrown out of the window in recent years. Modern homebuyers are gravitating towards homes that allow for flexibility with bonus rooms or open living areas that can be converted into separate spaces using partitions.

Integrated additions like pull-out book shelves, entertainment centers and desks can convert a space that would otherwise serve as a formal dining room into a home office, gaming room or guest room in just a few minutes.

Modern homebuyers don’t want to be told how to live, as the world is becoming a more liberated place in general where stereotypes and traditions are being discarded at an all-time high. The fast-moving world of social media generates trends that come and go like seasons, and homeowners want the ability to conveniently change their interior décor or layout on a whim.

This desire for flexibility and customizability has caused features like bonus rooms, large open areas, partitions, and outdoors lounges to become popular luxury home additions geared towards comfort and convenience. The 10 easy ways to personalize your home make it your own approach is definitely the latest wave on the L.A. luxury housing scene.

The more easily home can be molded into whatever the new owner wants, the more likely it is to sell in today’s flexibility-oriented luxury housing market. To firmly and accurately hold onto the luxury tag, a home needs to possess a certain level of intrigue and uniqueness. Thus, creative multi-purpose rooms that are defined only by the occupants’ preferences are becoming the norm in the L.A.’s interior design scene.

Spacious Custom Showers and Baths

During the past decade, the vast majority of luxury homes in L.A. have had at least one significant shower or tub renovation. With bathroom design and shower head technology advancing significantly, today’s smart showers are like a high-tech marvel in comparison to the simple on/off showers of yesteryear. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of a large and spacious shower, many homeowners are opting for accessibility, which has led to a rise in the prevalence of walk-in showers.

If you own one of the luxury homes in L.A. that hasn’t yet had its bathroom upgraded, you may want to look into the various shower designs that are available to bring the home’s bathing experience up to par. After all, your home now exists in a market where there are voice-activated shower assistants that can change water temperature and activate various shower head modes based on spoken commands.

With that in mind, how ridiculous does it feel knowing that you have a so-called “luxury” home that still has a basic shower? Every interior design specialist or real estate agent knows that kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most important places to portray luxury. A plain design in these areas of the home will scare away potential homebuyers and leave the current occupant with a much less luxurious experience overall.

Smart Home Systems

With Internet of Everything (IoT) devices everywhere and smart home features growing in scale and complexity, every year the smart home market grows in Los Angeles. In essence, having a smart home gives you the ability to control your home’s appliance and features from an app on your mobile device or using a touchscreen remote control hub.

In case you’re completely out of the loop on this one, a smart home is simply a home that has been outfitted with all sorts of “smart” appliances, with the term smart meaning they’re connected to the internet and can be controlled remotely or set to automatically perform functions on a scheduled or responsive basis.

For example, smart thermostats turn off your air conditioning automatically when you leave your home and turn it back on as soon as you return, which saves you electricity and keeps you from having to worry about turning your thermostats on and off every time you arrive and depart.

Likewise, there are smart garage doors, doorbells, bathtubs and so much more. In fact, detailing every component that can be incorporated into a well-rounded smart home would go beyond the scope of this guide, so that’s something you may want to how to build a smart home easy steps do your own research on in your spare time.

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors is another major trend that’s circulating around the L.A. luxury home market. Indoor-outdoor rooms are spaces that seamlessly transition from the home’s interior to the exterior in a way that makes you feel like you’re still inside even though you’re outdoors. They provide access to convenient amenities and facilities while still letting you be out in nature.

Conversely, the trend of indoor-outdoor spaces also appears as indoor areas that have been outfitted with skylights, plants, and other features that make you feel as though you’re outside when you’re actually inside. Thus, the indoor-outdoor trend can work both ways, whether you’re trying to bring a bit of nature into your home or bring some of your home out into nature.

Features like fire pits and outdoor dining areas are especially popular in the L.A. area, as any local will tell you that cook outs are big in the City of Angels thanks to the consistently temperate weather year-round.

Master Suites on the First Floor, Rooftop Terraces, and Lifts

The traditional approach of putting the master suite on a higher floor to allow for better views is no longer the rule of thumb. With many luxury homes being built to accommodate older homeowners, many are preferring to have their master bedroom easily accessible from the ground level.

This makes sense from a convenience perspective, because nobody likes having to climb a flight of stairs when they want to go to their bedroom to relax, which is primarily what that area of the home is supposed to be used for.

In line with this trend, we’re also seeing many luxury homes in L.A having multiple master suites or multiple entrances to a single suite. Many interior designers are also incorporating the use of floating partitions to freely divide the master bedroom into multiple spaces (i.e. part office, part gaming area, part lounge).

The move towards first floor master bedrooms has also been accompanied by a rise in rooftop terraces. This makes perfect sense, because many are opting to add a rooftop area where they can enjoy the scenery and a fresh breeze when they sacrifice the views from their master bedroom.

Of course, the very thought of walking upstairs seems barbaric to some luxury homeowners in L.A., as installing personal lifts and elevators has never been more affordable. Just as there are plenty of solar companies in Los Angeles that will happily help you set up a solar power system, there are countless lift installation providers that can modify your home for maximum multi-level convenience.

Creating Change & Convenience Can Come Cheap

Ultimately, even if you took the time to scratch all of the renovations off of the list above, you still wouldn’t be spending a fortune when you consider the entire purchase price of a luxury property in Los Angeles.

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