A Luxury Christmas: Gifts Which Say You Care

October 30, 2018

Christmas is a time for giving and enjoying the finer things in life. During the Christmas period we eat more, we drink more and we enjoy more out of life. The festive period is a wonderful time of year and it allows us to indulge in all of the things we wish we could do every single day. To make the most of the luxury this year, here are some gift ideas for the people you love.

A fun personalised registration plate

The first gift idea which is ideal for anyone who has their own car would be a personalised registration plate. Whenever you see personalised plates on the road it always feels as if they have a lot of money behind them and it can add an air or class to the driver, and you can gift this to a family member of close friend this year to allow them to feel the same thing when they are driving on the road. A personalised plate can be a fun gift and it will go amazing with their car.

Stunning jewels

The ultimate luxury gift which you can possibly buy for your partner or close relative has to be jewellery. Everyone loves a good piece of jewellery and it can be a stunning gift to give to someone you care for. You could opt for something like a birthstone necklace or bracelet, a stunning ring, or for a man you could opt opt for a titanium chain or even a set of diamond cufflinks. There are countless options and you will be able to really splurge on your family this year like this.

DIY Natural Spa Kit

One fun idea you can make yourself for a touch of luxury is to create a DIY spa kit. You could create your own face mask out or charcoal powder and clay, think of making a nourishing hair oil with a mixture of almond and argan oil, and mix together a few more high end spa products like a moisturiser and hair conditioner. A particularly easy craft to make would be a body scrub which can consist of some sugar, salt, essential oil in your chosen scent, natural food colouring and some oil. This would be a wonderful gift and it will be perfect for anyone who needs a rest.

A weekend away

For a close family member of your partner, a fun gift idea to get them for some real luxury is a weekend away. For you and a parent you could either choose a simple hotel or a spa, for you and your partner you could escape to a lodge, and for a group of friends you could head off for a hot tub cottage and enjoy a weekend of luxury.

Afternoon tea for four

Afternoon tea is the epitome of a luxurious afternoon with your family and for a good day out together you could book an afternoon tea experience for a group of you and enjoy eating scones and sandwiches and drinking some lovely Prosecco and tea. It is the ideal type of gift to get for a group of friends or for your parents and you’ll have fun eating some awesome food in a stunning setting.

Perfume or aftershave

There is nothing more telling about a person than their perfume and a good perfume could be a wonderful gift for someone you live and it can be the ideal thing to buy to show that you know them and their taste. You can either play it safe and choose a scent you know that they love, or you can play it risky and instead choose a scent which you think they will love. Whichever you choose, it is a gift which is luxurious in nature and a great choice.

A phone or tablet

For your partner or perhaps your teenage child, a great gift idea for them this year would be a phone or a tablet of their choice. For this gift it is probably easier to tell the recipient first so that you can go shopping together and they can choose the phone or tablet which they like the most. It is of course an expensive gift to have but it is a gift which can make a big difference to their life.

A designer dress or shirt

For a simple luxurious gift which will mean a lot to your recipient, a wonderful idea to buy is a designer dress or a smart shirt or jacket for your loved one. Designer things are always amazing and they will be a great gift for that special someone in your life.

A theatre trip

If you have a member of the family who loves the theatre and has maybe seen the film Les Miserables a hundred times… then an awesome idea for a gift for them would be a trip to see this at the theatre one evening. The theatre is expensive and it is a gift which is certainly reserved for luxury status! You could go for a meal beforehand and then grab a few drinks together afterwards for a night which will be remembered for a long time afterwards.

A romantic getaway

If you and your partner haven’t had a lot of time on your own for a while, a great idea for you both would be to go on a romantic getaway to a different country and spend some quality time together. You could go to Paris for a romance and the food, to Bora Bora for the beaches and privacy, or even to Iceland for the Northern Lights… there are so many great ideas out there which you should consider and the time you get to spend together will be all the gift you need. Just make sure that someone is able to look after the kids for a few days or a week and then enjoy your time away in a romantic setting with your soulmate!

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