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March 30, 2020

A Sophisticated mix of materials Classic PanoMaticLunar and PanoReserve

Elegant red gold meets matt black, cool stainless steel encounters intense blue. These two classic timepieces from the successful Pano Collection are available in red gold versions with a matt black dial, and in polished/satin-brushed stainless steel editions with a dark blue dial.

The exceptionally beautiful and characteristic dials of the PanoMaticLunar and PanoReserve are made in Glashütte Original’s own dial manufactory in Pforzheim. In Pforzheim, the city of gold and jewellery, Glashütte Original draws on deep specialist knowledge and long-established traditions in dial-making, thus ensuring that every Glashütte Original watch receives its own dignified and unmistakable “face”.

Up to 40 separate operations, performed by true masters of their craft, are required to produce the refined and carefully finished dials. The application of the graphic elements alone requires four (PanoMaticLunar) or six (PanoReserve) separate steps. The dial manufactory team’s extensive experience allowed them to develop the perfectly tuned colours – intense blue and mysterious black – that give the new models their radiant glow.

To achieve the desired hue it is necessary to exercise precise control over the entire galvanic colouring process, ensuring for example that the tension is at the correct level, that the dial is submerged in the bath for precisely the right length of time, and that the correct distance is maintained between the elements in the bath.

As is the case with the production of individual components of the manufactory’s own movements, the dials too must be produced within specified parameters. Strict standards apply for the dials, above all with regard to the grain, pressure and duration, in order to prevent changes in the colour.

The two Pano models from Glashütte Original give prominence to the clear, pure design with its off-centre placement of hour and minute hands and small seconds display. This is evident from a first glance at the PanoMaticLunar models, which present the characteristic off-centre displays in a well thought out spatial arrangement. The areas for the hour/minute indicators and the small seconds’ display lie on a vertical axis within the left half of the dial, while the Panorama Date and the splendid moon phase display are positioned at the lower and upper right, respectively. The placement of the individual displays was inspired by the “Golden Ratio” – the legendary law of aesthetic harmony.

For Baselworld 2015 two versions of the PanoReserve and PanoMaticLunar made their debut at the same time. Two different variations of the PanoMaticLunar were presented in nuanced new shades; of foremost interest is the red gold edition which features a dial in a matt black tone, hour, minute and second hands in gold as well as 9 gold hour indexes. The exquisite moon phase display presents stars and a golden moon set against a silver sky.

The stainless steel version presents the characteristic dial visuals in a striking and intense shade of blue – the galvanised dial features silver indexes applied by hand and white gold hands indicating the hour, minutes and small seconds. The Panorama Date shows white numerals on a blue ground, while the phases of the moon are shown with a silver moon and stars in a silver night sky.

The PanoMaticLunar models are driven by the Saxon manufactory’s Calibre 90-02 – a mechanical automatic movement with 47 jewels and a 42-hour power reserve. The sapphire crystal case back offers an unobstructed view into the refined beauty of the movement and its characteristic Glashütte elements including the three-quarter plate with Glashütte stripe finish, the off-centre rotor with oscillating weight in 21-ct gold, blued screws and the hand-engraved balance cock with duplex swan-neck fine adjustment.

The red gold version of the PanoReserve presents a dial in a matt black tone with hands and applied hour indexes in gold on the hour and minute display, the Panorama Date in black on white and a power reserve indicator (Auf/Ab) with a gold hand. The second version in stainless steel features a galvanised blue dial with hands in white gold, applied hour indexes and an impressive Panorama Date in white on blue below the power reserve. In the interest of improved legibility in the dark, all versions feature luminous highlights on the hour and minute hands.

The heart of the PanoReserve is the manual winding Calibre 65-01 with 42-hour power reserve and 48 jewels. The sapphire crystal case back offers a clear view of the characteristic Glashütte Original duplex swan-neck fine adjustment and other traditional elements of the art of watchmaking in Glashütte: the Glashütte three-quarter plate with Glashütte stripe finish, the hand-engraved balance cock, the screw balance, screw-mounted gold chatons and blued screws.

The Panorama Date, the moon phase display and the power reserve display present indications in the German language. Along with the “Made in Germany” mark these indications offer a subtle reminder of the origin of the watch and a silent bow to the art of German watchmaking, as practised in Glashütte since 1845.

These classic Pano models in red gold are offered with a choice of either a matt black Louisiana Alligator leather strap or a Louisiana Alligator nubuck leather strap, while the stainless steel versions can be worn with a dark blue calf’s leather or Louisiana Alligator nubuck leather strap.

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