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August 16, 2019

A Survivor SA soiree!

One Hyde Park was set ablaze as some of SA’s finest gathered to raise a toast to Mrs South Africa 2017 and CEO of Luxuria Lifestyle SA, Nicole Capper, to celebrate her TX on Season 7 of Survivor SA: Island of Secrets.

The surprise soiree was planned and eloquently pieced together by Actress, Celebrity Boxing Champion & Global Luxuria Ambassador Nicole Bessick. In true Luxuria Lifestyle form, Bessick left no stone unturned. The age-old Survivor mantra “outwit, outlast, outplay” became “out-dine, out-drink and out-dash” as industry heavyweights ascended to the venue and braced themselves for a fun-filled, action-packed evening reminiscent of the popular Survivor franchise.

Strident tribal music, war paint, an exquisite spread of inspired eats and tiki torches were key elements of an unforgettable, heartfelt evening which also included a message of support for Capper from her nearest and dearest “tribe members” who were stuck on “Exile Island”, i.e. unfortunately not able to attend.

The highlight of the evening was the portable, on-site adventure course fashioned, designed and themed around the Survivor series by Beach & Bush: Team Building. The skilled team made quick work of turning the One Hyde Park clubhouse lawn into a 5-part Survivor-inspired obstacle course in a matter of minutes!

The Beach and Bush expeditioners specialize in balancing the values, abilities and challenges facing a group have lent their corporate experiences to a wide range of corporate, government and lifestyle clientele. Each program or challenge is specifically designed with a key focus on fun, a high-value experience that addresses specific group dynamic challenges and brings people together. For this event, the brief was no easy feat: “Take us to the Island of Secrets! Take us to Samoa where we can have a ‘real life’ experience of a Survivor obstacle course!”

And boy did they…

After splitting into two teams, dawning their war paint and a full safety briefing, the VIP guests were put through their paces in a 5-part Survivor-themed obstacle course designed to test coordination, communication and teamwork through fun but the challenging range of activities. Each Beach and Bush event is customisable and can be run at almost any outdoor venue. Our VIP guests were treated to a course that included spear-throwing challenges, spider web activity courses, a team ski obstacle, and Jenga and giant puzzle challenges that would wrack even the keenest of minds.

The Beach and Bush have been re-energising the SA market since 2001, and have come to establish themselves as industry leaders in their field. They definitely get the Luxuria Lifestyle stamp of approval, and we look forward to collaborating in the near future.

The evening ended off at “tribal council” where medals were awarded to the winning team, and the group gathered to catch the premiere of the first episode of Survivor SA: Island of Secrets. The 21 cast members of the seventh instalment of the South African edition of the popular reality competition show Survivor were revealed a few weeks back, and already Capper has established herself both as a front runner and fan favourite.

Confidence and grace personified, Capper’s journey to Samoa was no easy feat. She believes that anything is possible, and one look at her impressive track record stands testament to how true that is. Her journey towards courage and living out of her comfort zone started three years ago and includes winning Mrs South Africa, summiting Kilimanjaro, pioneering Inside Out and carrying the torch for Rare Diseases SA – a cause that hits close to home for her.

Catch our girl as she goes head to head on Survivor SA: Island of Secrets. Find out who will outwit, outplay and outlast in the seventh season of this proudly South African production on DSTV M-Net Channel 101.

Channel 101. Written by Nicole Bessick for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

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