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October 30, 2018

Absolut Mykonos Suites Hotel & More

We landed in Mykonos better known as the “island of the winds “in the evening and were welcomed with a stunning sunset and calm breeze, due to the island being in the Aegean Sea between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. The journey in the taxi to the hotel made an instant impact due to the sloping hills and bright white architecture, which made for a very scenic experience to our destination of the Absolut Mykonos Suites Hotel.

The Absolut Mykonos Hotel sits perfectly above the Mykonos Bay effortlessly merging within the mountainous slopes and continuing the all-white architecture shared within the region. Upon arrival we were met by the hotel manager and the concierge kindly took our bags to our hotel room. As we entered the hotel we were very impressed with the layout as the reception looked out onto the incredible azure blue infinity pool and panoramic Mykonos landscape.

The staff instantly took care of us and welcomed us with drinks by the pool as they made sure our room was ready. While enjoying our drinks we researched and discussed the must-see places in Mykonos: Windmills of Kato Mill, Mykonos Bay Beach, Little Venice and Mykonos Town.

Once shown to our room we were positively surprised how the room reflected the island; from the white contemporary cave shower to the wooden hanging chest pieces with barn rope detailing, reflective of the yachts that are scattered all around the island. The décor of the room had a strong relationship with that of its coast with the deep blue detailing across he King size bed. The most significant piece in the room was placed just above the headboard, it was an amazingly crafted backlit 3D Outcrop of Mykonos Island, further showing the room was perfectly crafted for Mykonos. After taking in the essence of the room we noticed a selection of local fruit and wine was stylishly arranged on the bed side, highlighting the hotels attention to detail and ultimately ensuring that the guests are happy.

The view from the room was amplified by the full moon in the night sky, which flowed through the dazzling white walls of the hotel, allowing you to appreciate the great work put into ensuring the hotel looks and feels it’s very best.

The next morning the sun trickled into our room, and once ready we went to have breakfast overlooking the pool and Mykonos Bay. The hotel had very personal feel to the breakfast, as everyone had their omelette made to order, nothing was standard at all and the chefs ensured that the additional breakfast buffet extras stayed traditional to Mykonos; this included local Greek sausage and a sweet Greek delicacy. Seeing the hotels view in the day time made all the difference, from the crystal-clear waters to the blinding white walls all across the hotel, which solidified the Absolut Mykonos Suites lived up to it’s name as being absolutely beautiful.

We decided to spend the rest of the day exploring Mykonos Town, which was a very short walk down the hillside and also gave us a chance to see the famous Windmills of Kato Mill. Before even reaching our destination, we could hear the music resonating throughout the streets and feel the energy around the town. Mykonos Town is the busiest region in Mykonos and was clear to see the reasons for its popularity due to the vibrant summer art atmosphere, unique restaurants that stay open way past midnight, Mykonos Town is truly the island that doesn’t sleep.

The town is home to an abundance of designer stores such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Off White to name a few. There are also many chic  Michelin star restaurants, however we found the most popular food was a low cost fresh street food known by the locals as Souvlaki. As you walked down the white back streets, it seemed everyone who wasn’t in the restaurants was eating souvlaki – from shop owners to the locals themselves. We would highly recommend searching for anywhere that sells Souvlaki, especially if you are foodies like us; we can recommend ‘Souvlaki Story’ as there are quite a few of these restaurants in the town and they have a great atmosphere.

While in Mykonos Town the transition from daytime and night time is almost non-existent, as they turn on the night lights much before the sun sets. This gives the illusion of the town never sleeping and the energy stays high throughout the night; you would struggle to tell the difference between 8pm and 4am!

After spending most of the day and night in Mykonos Town it was time to head back to the hotel. Once we were back from the bustling town, we were very appreciative to how calm and peaceful life at the Absolut Mykonos Hotel Suites was, the gentle winds streaming through its architecture at 2 am was magical.

On our final day we indulged in yet another scrumptious poolside breakfast before later going into town again to explore. This time we found our way through the maze of streets, to the other side of the town, where we discovered a line of super yachts anchored along a private marina; needless to say, walked past and admired their beauty! When lunchtime came we returned to our favourite spot Souvlaki Story and indulged again in the superb local cuisine. Shortly after we headed out of town and down to Mykonos Bay, the beach that our hotel overlooked.

The bay was a gorgeous stretch of shallow crystal blue waters lapping up onto the golden sand. There was one quaint little beach bar, but nothing that disturbed the peace and tranquillity felt at this beach. The wind picked up later that afternoon so we returned to the hotel and sat poolside, where we were surprisingly sheltered from the wind; we made the most of our last day in the sun by ordering tropical smoothies from the pool bar!

As the sun set in the spectacular pink evening sky, we freshened up before having dinner at the hotel and watching the sun go down; it was a perfect end to our stay at the Absolut Mykonos Suites.

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Written by Chloe Tyler for Luxuria Lifestyle International

Instagram / #Luxurialife