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January 23, 2019

Adnams from grain to glass, Triple Malt Longshore Vodka

Two-time winner of the IWSC World’s Best Vodka trophy in 2014 and 2018, Adnams’ Triple Malt Longshore Vodka is a testament to Adnams’ unique approach to distilling and producing spirits. By using locally sourced grains of wheat and oats, adding extra creaminess and texture to the naturally sweet barley, this ensures remarkable depth of flavour and smoothness.

Made from wheat, barley and oats, this is an exceptionally pure, handcrafted vodka. Smooth, creamy, and rich with a refreshingly crisp bite and gentle note of toffee, with a refreshingly crisp bite. This exceptionally pure, handcrafted vodka is delicious beyond words and servable straight from the freezer, over ice. Adnams Long Shore Triple Malt Vodka costs £30.99 and is available from selected retailers, Adnams stores and online

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