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September 28, 2018

Ali Jawad Fine Jewellery

Ali Jawad Fine Jewelry is headquartered in South Africa. The business is owned and operated by Ali Jawad, a young entrepreneur at the helm of an established family Diamond trading business. Coming from a lineage of diamond dealers, Ali accumulated a great deal of experience and knowledge of the industry, first as an observer and then as an indispensable operator keeping the family legacy alive and thriving.

Ali has deployed this precious knowledge and experience to diversify his passion for diamonds into fine Jewelry, expanding his luxury portfolio from trading in diamonds to creating exquisite pieces with them. The niche collections are designed and produced by a team of skilled artisans, stone cutters, setters and goldsmiths personally overseen by Ali Jawad himself. His passion and dedication are invested in all aspects of creation, be it quality, design or distribution. He launches his brand in South Africa with a vision to create wearable intricate handcrafted Jewelry for the modern woman and the many facets of her personality.

Driven by quality, a lesson very close to his heart and the foundation of the family business, all Jewelry from the atelier of Ali Jawad is GIA certified and crafted in 18k Gold. Standards to the brand are as important as aesthetics and each piece comes with a promise of uncompromised quality and certifications to support that promise. Bespoke services are available by appointment at their Studio in Johannesburg. Be it a wish to buy diamonds in varied shapes or colours or customize a piece for an occasion, Ali Jawad and his team will provide an unparalleled memorable experience from conceptualizing of an idea to its final recherche form and life.

A single collection may have varied references that capture different preferences be it minimalist, audacious, fluid or structured. Versatility exists not only in design but also product offering that extends into multiple categories such as Earrings, Bracelets, Rings and Necklaces. Inspired by anything that resonates with strength, brilliance, inimitability, the distinctive designs from Ali Jawad will always be relatable to these core feminine signatures.

An integral part of the brand’s mission is to create pieces that can be worn alone or layered, styled as per the interpretation of the woman who owns them, after all creativity is yet another core feminine signature that is the inspiration behind the brand.

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