Luxury throws to create a snug and homely bedroom space

February 5, 2019

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, it’s a place you go to relax and unwind at the end of the day. To feel at ease the minute you enter your bedroom, take great care when designing the interior, from selecting a colour scheme to deciding on accessories to represent your personalities, it is important that all aspects of your room complement each other and work to create a homely space.  If your room is feeling a little bland, a great way to bring it to life and add a homely feel is by adding texture. Rough textures are considered to be more inviting and intimate whereas smoother textures are seen to be more sophisticated and sleeker, but both have one thing in common – the power to give your bedroom an extra dimension and elevate your interior.

Whether you decide to bring texture through changes to your bedroom furniture, such as the addition of wooden bedside table, luxury French style beds for sale, a glamorous velvet chair or through smaller additions such as decorative plants or artwork, don’t underestimate or overlook the impact of a luxury throw!

Your bed is likely to take centre stage in your room and as such, you may wish to consider how you dress it for maximum comfort. Layer your bed with plump down-filled pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets, seek out three or four decorative cushions that match the room’s colour scheme, and to help complete the look, making your bed as cosy and inviting as possible, add texture with a luxurious throw; think chunky knits or faux-fur designs. Adding a variety of heavy textures can help to create an illusion of warmth, giving your bedroom a chic chalet style.

For inspiration and to browse a selection of luxury throws, visit Room to Sleep.

W: Room to Sleep

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