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July 4, 2019

An evening to remember at Carluccios

When the opportunity arises to visit the acclaimed Carluccio’s, who could possibly say no? Situated in many locations in London, my visit took place in the beautiful St Pancras International station location. The restaurant is situated in the perfect place for a luxurious meal if you are travelling abroad or just enjoying a lovely evening in one of London’s top locations!

Carluccio’s originated in 1991 when Antonio and Priscilla opened their food shop in Neal Street, bringing the finest quality regional Italian food to London. With the restaurant being based in St Pancras International on the upper concourse, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the station for a peaceful yet exciting meal! St Pancras International station is a unique Grade I listed building owned by HS1 Ltd. Offering a wealth of stylish and premium shops, bars and restaurants all under one iconic roof, the venue is a destination, in its own right, as well as a world-class station.

St. Pancras is also known for its calendar of new and exciting arts and music experiences so there’s always something new to discover. In between dining at Carluccio’s visitors can appreciate the Terrace Wires public art installation by Tracey Emin on the station’s Grand Terrace Upper Concourse. Depicting the words, ‘I Want My Time With You’ in Emin’s signature handwriting, the 20m long light installation is the largest text piece ever made by the artist. Visitors can also experience St Pancras International’s free-to-play jukebox and station pianos, played by world famous stars including Elton John and John Legend, as well as the public day to day.

Upon arrival, we received a swift and warm reception from the lovely staff members. The open plan of the restaurant in combination with the clear roof of the building makes entry feel as though you are dining outside on a nice summer evening even when in fact being inside the station; a feature I found most magical. Once seated we were treated to a selection of various breads baked fresh from the deli, each different roll having its own unique taste. Accompanied by olive oil to dip our bread in, this dish created the perfect mix of flavours to share whilst you settle down and ponder over the menu, leading me to the challenging part of this visit; deciding which dish amongst all of the amazing options to choose from! After a careful consideration of all of the starters and three bread baskets later, I decided to treat myself to the Scamorza Arancini (Sicilian rice balls filled with spinach and smoked mozzarella, with spicy tomato sauce), served in one of the most aesthetically pleasing bowls I have ever seen and cooked to perfection. The rice balls had a unique yet gorgeous flavour making it a signature dish from my experience at Carluccio’s. The mix of the melted cheese, bread crumbs and spicy tomato sauce complemented each other particularly well. Additionally, my guest who selected the Calamari Fritti (Crispy squid rings, lightly floured and fried, with lemon mayonnaise) noted a burst of flavours and admired how the chef had perfectly fried the crispy squid rings without creating an excessively oily or unhealthy dish!

Moving onto mains being a huge fan of steak, I immediately selected the Lamb Gremolata (Lamb steak with olive and caper gremolata with sweet and sour peppers, raisins and flaked almonds). The staff cater completely to your taste to ensure that your steak is cooked exactly how you like it from rare to well done. Having tasted my steak on the medium rare side and then having it fully well done, it is incredible how the flavours all seep through and complement each other no matter how cooked it is. Served with colourful sweet and sour peppers, this dish is one to enjoy with your eyes as well as your palette. Having expressed allergies, the staff were highly cautious at all times, ensuring that I was comfortable and nothing was prepared around anything I cannot consume without compromising their efficiency and how fast they were able to serve us our food. On top of this, the side dish of Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Potatoes Broccoli topped this dish off as a favourite of mine amongst all of the places I have visited in London. For desert I tucked into the stunning Torta di Cioccolata (Indulgent flourless chocolate cake. With vanilla ice cream). Soft on the outside and rich on the inside, this chocolate cake was mesmerizing and perfectly accented by the vanilla ice cream. It added a sweet ending to a delicious dining experience.

Ultimately, Carluccio’s provided a luxury and elegant evening for myself and my guest with excellent service and a highly pleasant ambiance. Thank you so much to the staff members who took such great care of me; I will be returning sooner rather than later.

A: St Pancras International, Pancras Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4QP
T:  020 7278 7449
W: Carluccios St Pancras

Written by Cresta Okonkwo for Luxuria Lifestyle International

Instagram / #Luxurialife