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An Italian Date Night at TOZI

March 17, 2017

Victoria has grown immensely over the last couple of years and has become a hot spot for fantastic restaurants, one of which is the fabulous TOZI – a beautiful Italian restaurant with a cracking wine list, Venetian aperitvi and classic Italian cocktails.  It’s definitely our kind of place!

As we walk in, we are greeted with smiles and led to the bar area for a pre-dinner tipple.  The relaxed vintage bar serves barrel aged Negronis and has prosecco on tap.  We opt for an Italian cocktail for my friend and a glass of house white for me.  The restaurant itself is incredibly charming and I felt transported to a romantic little restaurant in Italy.  There is a large open plan kitchen with a clay oven, where you can watch the chefs prepare all the food, rustic trinkets adorning the wall and candles on each table to set the mood.  As soon as our table was ready, we were whisked away to our seats near the window.

The authentic Venetian menu is faultless in my opinion.  As I scanned the dishes, I was hard pressed to find something that didn’t appeal to me.  The restaurant specialises in Cicchetti – sharing plates for two that I am always on board with.  As we perused the menu, we were brought a mouth-watering selection of bread and poured fresh olive oil as the server talked through the menu with us.  Filled with an array of meats, seafood, cheeses and pasta, the unifying theme running through the menu was a focus on simplicity and provenance.

We asked our server for some of his recommendations and he brought us out some of his favourites as well as a few signature dishes from the menu.

Piadini, Parma ham, stracchino and rocket promptly arrived at our table alongside a plate of calamari with lemon.  Both were perfect to kick off our meal with.  The calamari was perfectly crisp and salty, with a squeeze of lemon on top – no frills, but I liked it that way.  It’s easy to get calamari wrong, but this simple dish was just right, as was the Piadini starter.

TOZINext, we shared an incredible Buffalo Ricotta ravioli with Black Truffle on top – this was the star dish of the evening.  Beautifully presented, the pasta tasted like silk (if silk had a flavour!).  It was buttery, rich and creamy – I would happily come back for this dish alone. The black truffle elevated the already dazzling dish even more and intensified the creamy flavours . It was one of those dishes you don’t soon forget!

TOZIWe also tucked into the Braised Ox Cheeks with girolles and mash potato.  This dish is not for the faint hearted – it too is rich and beautifully cooked.  The ox cheek falls apart as the fork cuts through, as it should.  This dish was perfect for sharing as it is a bit on the heavier side but would be perfect as main for one person on a cold winter’s night.  Again, another stunning dish.

TOZIIt was at this point that I found I was truly impressed by this beautiful restaurant and it’s not often I say I would venture back, but I absolutely would re-visit Tozi for a date night.  My friend and I raved about the food and whilst the plates were small, it was just the perfect amount for us both.  We decided to share a dessert and took our server’s recommendation of the Pistachio Tiramisu.

A small glass appeared filled with rich and flavourful Tiriamsu with a pistachio powder sprinkled on top.  It was light and fluffy and I discovered a new found love for pistachio!  It was the ideal way to end what was such a lovely evening.  We grabbed our coats and bid our server farewell.

On our walk over to Victoria station, we both agreed that the dinner was remarkable and service excellent. TOZI is a true gem in the heart of Victoria – we highly recommend you make it your next date spot!

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Colleen Monaghan


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