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January 23, 2019

Andronicas – The Luxury world of coffee

Founded in 1979, Andronicas has established itself as a high quality coffee roaster, selling direct to the consumer, to shops throughout Europe including Harrods, and supplying Bar & Kitchen in Newent with their signature 1849 blend. They work closely with plantations, using their own knowledge and growers’ expertise to ensure that they always find the best quality beans. Their short supply chain cuts out the middle man, providing customers with coffee of the highest quality.

Alongside their premium coffee, Andronicas now also sell a number of high end coffee related gadgets, bringing luxury coffee into the home. Their stylish stainless steel automatic grinder is slick and easy to use. Simply pour coffee beans into the grinder, pick your grind depending on whether you are using a cafetière or a machine, and press the start button.

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