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September 1, 2018

ANOKHA Indian restaurant Is an Elegant, Exquisite Dining Experience in the Heart of London

This curry house surprises! It is right next to the famous and most recognisable tower in London, The Gherkin.  Just five minutes away from Liverpool Street Station, which makes it an ideal location for a curry night (or lunch) every day of the week.

Anokha restaurant is beautifully designed, classic and classy, but comfortable and romantic, with soft mood lighting, and stylish decor, ensuring a relaxed and memorable ambience. The attentive staff were ever present, but not too obvious, the service was superb and the waiting staff were extremely knowledgable and able to describe the dishes, recipes and cooking methods perfectly, making every single one sound totally divine, and difficult to decide upon.

Anokha is not just another curry restaurant like so the many in the city, they have been able to set themselves apart from the rest because of their innovative, creative kitchen and the authentic aromatic Asian fusion dishes.

Once seated, with wine in hand we chose from the menu our preferred feast, and as it arrived it looked  exotic and colourful, and the smell of various recognisable spices was just amazing.

We had the chance to try the Hammok Johl (half shell mussels cooked in a spicy karahi sauce) and they were superb, succulent, perfectly prepared and beautifully seasoned. Lamb, King prawns and salmon were all perfectly presented in delicious and imaginative sauces and tandoors, with a selection of salads, pickles, rice and of course tasty soft naan breads.  There is also a wonderful vegetarian menu bringing options such as roast aubergine with onion seeds or okra laced with a tangy melange of cumin seeds and lime…mmmm! mouth-watering!

It is worth mentioning that Anokha is working hard to incorporate a selection of fish dishes – monkfish, salmon, seabass – to keep an eye on healthy and light eating after a long day at the office.

Anokha is a hidden gem within the City and a perfect choice for private parties or tailor-made events. The management are more than happy to tailor your private event to your own personal requirements with bespoke canapés and menus.

But shhhh! Don’t tell too many about this, we need to keep it just between us!

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