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June 5, 2020

Are Electric Standing Desks the Future for High-End Offices?

Offices have moved a long way from cubicles and generic desks. Modern offices are freeform, with expensive, luxurious furniture designed to promote productivity and comfort. Science has shown us that sitting down all day is seriously bad for our health. It can cause back pain and increase the risk of chronic health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

The Origins of a Standing Desk

Standing desks are more than a passing trend. They reduce back pain, boost calorie burn, and boost productivity. Standing desks are not actually new – the first standing desk was designed back in the late 1700s, by a German cabinetmaker called David Roentgen. Other historical figures, including Thomas Jefferson, saw the merit of working from a standing position, but today’s furniture designers have done one step further by creating an electric standing desk.

High-end Furniture for High-End Offices

The difference between high-end offices and regular offices is the location and office décor. If you have a meeting at a top law firm, you wouldn’t expect to see the staff working in tiny cubicles with budget furniture from Office Depot. No, you would expect to see bespoke furniture, leather executive chairs, and original art on the walls.

Electric standing desks fit the vibe perfectly. friskadesk.com has a range of stylish motorised, fully-adjustable electric standing desks. FRISKA is a brand that puts health and wellness first, where form and function meet perfectly in the middle.

The main difference between an electric standing desk and a regular standing desk is that they are more easily adjusted. Electric height adjustment mechanisms are smooth, reliable, quiet, and fast. Whether your employees want to switch to working from a standing position for health reasons, or because it’s more comfortable, it is easy to adjust the height of a desk to accommodate even the tallest member of the team.

Create the Right Brand Impression

Since an electric standing desk is the perfect working tool for a brand that puts the health and wellness of its employees first, it makes sense for high-end offices to buy into the idea of electric standing desks. Employees working for a business like this expect the best from their employer.

Impress High Net-Worth Clients

Clients also expect to see innovative furniture designed with health and wellness in mind. It shows the brand is forward-thinking and ready to invest in its workforce. They also appreciate the flexibility offered by fully adjustable furniture when attending meetings at your office.

For example, if a visiting client needs to hot desk at your office, it helps if they can adjust their desk to suit their needs. This is especially helpful if the person is taller or shorter than average.

Impress Top Talent

It’s not easy attracting top talent in a sector. Talented individuals often have a long list of must-haves, such as employee benefits and subsidised staff canteens. The right office furniture could be a deal-breaker.

Electric standing desks are a worthy investment for any high-end office. Shop for the right products and it will show off your brand in the best possible light.

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