Thai Square, possibly the best Thai Dining Experience in the Historical City of St. Albans

September 13, 2018

This popular Thai chain offers branches across very convenient locations in London and now in the suburbs – We tried the St. Albans Thai Square as it’s just a few miles from us, but you now have several locations outside of our capital to choose from.  This St. Albans restaurant is situated in a former Tudor Tavern, a 15th Century timber-framed building, making it an impressive and interesting historical building. It has a very traditional welcoming reception area and the restaurant with ancient beams and high ceilings, decorated throughout with stunning authentic Thai ornaments, warm lighting and candle light

The menu focuses on classical Thai dishes, but they also have expanded into  the more innovative pan-Asian options. You can try a wide range of dishes that go from crispy aromatic duck to tom yum soups, som tum salads and green curries. Our favourite dish of the night was Tom Yum Goong Yai  a spectacular Jumbo prawn soup with lime leaves, lemongrass, galangal, oyster mushrooms and fresh chillies, with added milk. Rich and creamy.

Thai Square opened its first restaurant in 1996 and has gradually expanded to become one of the UK’s leading Thai restaurant groups, picking up a abundance of accolades along the way, the concept and promise of an authentic and fresh Thai dining experience remains the same and is wholeheartedly fulfilled.

Balance is paramount to Thai cooking, and chefs at Thai Square manage to juggle the complex interplay of all the flavour components; sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. Unlike others, this interaction is what makes this Far Eastern cuisine so unique, and the same can be said for the produce at Thai Square. The restaurant also succeeds in finding that elusive sweet spot between respecting traditional dishes and flexing artistic licence, with the meticulously curated menu playing host to favourites and intriguing dishes alike.

Classic curries and stir fries, dishes like the ‘Drunken Duck’ served with chillies, long beans, peppers, basil leaves and a hint of whiskey is amazingly tasty. We chose Chilli Lamb stir fried lamb in red curry paste with garlic, chillies, aubergines and a salad, Pla Goong Salad which is Chargrilled jumbo prawns topped with aromatic Thai spicy sauce.  These dishes all offer a glimpse into the restaurants’ captivating menus, each one delivered artistically, with all of the usual accompaniments, sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce.

If making a decision is proving just too much, two set menus offer the opportunity to sample several courses at a very reasonable price. Moreover, staff and chefs alike are happy to oblige guests on spice preferences, turning a dish mildly spicy into something a little more fiery with a shout of chilli, or muting a kick into comforting warmth.

The impressive drinks menu reveals a series of well-paired bottles of wine, as well as a list of champagnes, cocktails and classic beers.

Thai Square has incorporated authentic interiors in each restaurant to create an environment which matches its delicious Thai cuisine. Incorporating credible artistic Thai artefacts and pops of red and golden hues, the design creates a welcoming feel and reflects traditional Thai establishments.

With venues in St Albans and Windsor and throughout London, each location has a unique character. No matter which restaurant you visit diners can rest assured in the knowledge that attentive and charming service is of paramount importance,  and the welcoming European-Thai fusion décor and delicious cuisine will be waiting.

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