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June 12, 2020

Azza Fahmy – A Tale of Time

Art, fashion and history combined, if you ask me. Ever since her jewellery design journey began, as early as the 1960s, Azza Fahmy has been leveraging her craftsmanship and designing skills, for one thing, that is…Storytelling. Creating unique handcrafted pieces that each tell a story of a different time and place, taking us on a journey through Egypt and telling us tales that go as far back as the Pharaonic period.

With her creative designs and love for calligraphy Fahmy was able to create wearable culture, one that speaks for itself. Imagine wearing your favourite poem or verse in a song, that is what Fahmy, in fact, did, in a collection honouring the legendary Arab world singer Umm Kulthum and in designs that highlight some of the designer’s own favourite poets, such as Khalil Gibran and Ibn Hazm.

Even if you’re not big on art or poetry, there is just something so exotic, maybe even enchanting, about Fahmy’s designs that just reels you in. It is safe to say that Fahmy’s collections are portals to different worlds where you can get lost in admiration in any of her collections, whether it is the Mamluk, Ottoman, Gypsy or another of her breathtaking collections.

The ‘Shajar al-Durr’ Ring for instance, from the Mamluk range, in 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver, has a 28ct Amethyst atop the ring in the shape of a dome and was inspired by the first Mamluk ruler ‘Shajar al-Durr’, who first introduced the dome design element in 1250 that later grew to be a landmark of Cairo.

The designer’s inspiration comes from almost everything, from culture and poetry to architecture and proverbs or sayings that we hold dear to our hearts, eternalizing relics of the past is carefully crafted designs rather than writing them down on paper.

With her timeless designs, Azza Fahmy’s jewellery can be passed on from one generation to another while never going out of style, carrying with it love and heritage.

Written by Yara Gomaa for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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