Bella Luce Hotel, The only hotel in the British Isles with it’s own gin brand and distillery

April 30, 2019

Bella Luce Hotel, a desirable stunning hotel situated in the tranquil country side in Guernsey, the Channel Islands.

Bella Luce Hotel is honestly one of the top hotels I have ever stayed in and you will understand why when you read this and see the pictures, trust me. You will be making your booking in no time!

Let’s start right from the beginning not missing any details! I travelled over to Guernsey on Condor Ferry’s from Poole in the UK. I was honoured with great viewing seats; front seats looking straight out to the sea. They were extremely comfortable; they were recliner seats – if you’re looking to book get these seats! There were a couple of restaurant bars to get food and drinks, there was even a duty-free shop! The day was bright, and the sun was shining! This was going to be a good trip! The ferry took three hours and the journey was smooth, not that I am experienced on ferries, but the sea was definitely on my side.

I arrived midday in Guernsey and the drive from the port to the hotel was only 15 minutes!

I was extremely excited to see Bella Luce Hotel and escape to this beautiful Channel Island. The roads were very narrow with lots of tight bends; a slow steady drive to the hotel it was! Of course, mirroring the way of life on the island, it was so chilled out, it was like being in a completely different world!

Tucked away within bushes of pretty pink flowers and draping tress was Bella Luce Hotel, even more picturesque than I imagined.

I parked up and reception greeted me with the most warm welcome. I took a seat on the grand leather armchair whilst Philip, Marilina and Sam introduced Bella Luce Hotel to me. I had a welcoming tour which made me feel at home straight away.

The team very kindly helped carry my bags up to the room! Of course, the room was a dream! The decor was both cosy, inviting and very luxurious indeed!

I spent some time soaking in the gorgeous atmosphere and once ready I went down stairs for lunch. Bella Luce Hotel was very welcoming, and the interior was full of character, with lots of luxurious features. It was homely and charming with beautiful sumptuous furniture. Like living in the home you have always dreamed of!

A picture-perfect table was ready and waiting. A window seat with the sunshine shining through was a perfect setting for lunch. The dining area was very pleasant, along with the music played; portraying the relaxing ambience. The lunch menu was great, I wanted all of it! So delicious!

I went for the chicken salad and it was superb! The personal little ideas and twists such as the crispy shallots really added a special touch to the presentation, which I think is important.

Already I was really settling in and feeling like I was at home! Just a lot more luxurious. Next up at 4pm it was Gin Tasting! I was excited to discover and learn about Gin!

One of Bella Luce Hotels big features is the Gin machine! The traditional copper stills were incredible! I have never seen anything like it! The Wheadon family have produced fine alcohol in Guernsey for hundreds of years. Botanicals are carefully sourced from the island itself to create perfectly balanced artisanal gin, in very small batches. It is the heritage and environment of Guernsey that sparked Luke Wheadon’s inspiration behind Wheadon’s Gin.

George ran the workshop and wow he is great and really knew his stuff!

There was a selection of gins waiting on the table. I was right guessing that I was going to be tasting them all! As the Gin session went along I learned more about the background and history of Gin and how it all began. One of my favourite facts is: The original name for Gin was ‘Genievre’.

I really did feel educated whilst I was experiencing all these different tastes of gins, learning about the ingredients and botanicals. There is so much more to this than I really imagined. I sipped each gin neat to really appreciate the taste of it before a mixer was added! I had no idea the gins could all taste so different. The flavours I was experiencing were incredible; dry, fruity, woody. It really does give you something to think about when choosing your mixer.

After the tasteful Gin experience, it really has made me think twice before I order my G&T.

Next up dinner, to soak up all the Gin!

The dining room was full, and the atmosphere was alive. Bella Luce Hotel is a most popular restaurant for the locals on a Saturday night, as well as the hotel guests.

First arrived some sour dough and Guernsey butter. Guernsey is big on its milk and butter; it was so thick it was near enough to cream! And very yummy!

To start was: Whipped beetroot golden Guernsey goats cheese, walnut relish

For Main: Sirloin steak, rosemary chunky chips and pickled wild mushrooms.

Dessert: Bramley Apple Fritters, cinnamon, salted caramel

The food was beautifully presented, and I had a very satisfied stomach. There was a good variety to choose from and the staff were wonderful and friendly. Honestly all the staff members were so attentive and really made me feel comfortable and welcome.

It was now time to rest and get set for day two.

Now what’s better than waking up on a Sunday morning with breakfast in bed! Which was perfect! I love breakfast in bed; I had pancakes!! They are my favourite so I couldn’t resist! And I must make you envious…they were good, I mean really good!

Ok so the next best thing is a spa treatment! After breakfast I headed over to the spa for a treatment.

Bella Spa smelt amazing! They were so very welcoming too! After I had all the health checks done it was time to lay down on the treatment bed, close my eyes and enjoy ‘my’ time!

I went for a back massage. I couldn’t wait to chill out, it was so tranquil. I love going away and being able to have a spa treatment! I do think it is a perfect idea whilst on holiday!

I felt like a new woman after my massage! I could just go back for another one! The treatment was finished with a bowl of cold sorbet. Which I think is such a lovely idea and a unique touch!

Later, I thought it would be good to explore the island. There are so many little places to visit there! So, I decided to hire a bike and see it cross country! This is such a good way to get around an island and town. The beaches are a must see, they are absolutely stunning! After a long day of cycling and sightseeing I couldn’t wait to get back to Bella Luce to freshen up before another lovely luxurious evening filled with food and gin!

Bella Luce Hotel is in a league of it’s own. The surrounding countryside and location is so picturesque, it’s like being in one of those beautiful paintings that you have always wanted to escape into. The level of hospitality, care and friendliness of the staff was fantastic. They went above and beyond. Bella Luce Hotel really felt like a big luxurious country home to me and I would like to say biggest thank you for an exquisite stay, an experience I will treasure forever.

I hope to be back soon!

T:  +44 1481 238764
A:  La Fosse, St Martin Guernsey, GY4 6EB, GY4 6EB, Guernsey
W: Bella Luce Hotel

Written by Sophia Sellwood for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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