Berkeley Square London Dry Gin – Distilled to award winning perfection

December 5, 2018

In a world where quality is often sacrificed for cost and speed, there is a new dawn for Berkeley Square London Dry Gin. Standing bold and proud in a striking new look bottle, revealed for the first time in the UK this year, every drop of this award-winning gin is distilled to perfection, resulting in the most refined and smoothest tasting gin possible.

What elevates Berkeley Square Gin above its competitors and lead the way in the luxury gin category is the way in which it is made. The meticulous master distiller first triple distills the base spirit using a small copper still before using the bouquet garni technique, taking the four hero ingredients – kaffir lime leaves, lavender, sage and basil – and delicately hand-wrapping them in a muslin cloth, before steeping the clothed parcel in the base spirit for 48 hours to infuse and impart the herbal flavours and essential oils. The blend of triple distillation and the distinctive infusion process results in a wonderfully delicate and smooth taste that can be enjoyed even sipped neat.

Berkeley Square Gin evokes the timeless style and elegance associated with London’s most affluent area, Mayfair, through its design, craftsmanship and handmade detailing. The exquisite bottle is shaped like a glass decanter with a silver engraved stopper that has the mechanics to ensure it is always in union with the neck collar, allowing the product to stand proud in the most exclusive of bars.

The bottle’s most prominent feature is the iconic lion head knocker that can also be seen adorned on the majestic doors that surround Berkeley Square. Each lion head embellishment is hand polished and placed on each bottle as the ultimate finishing touch, channelling the craftsmanship and care that goes into making this luxurious quintessential British Gin.

Berkeley Square Gin appeals to those with a taste for the finest quality. It is best is best served on the rocks with a basil leaf or as a classic gin martini, letting the natural botanical flavours speak for themselves and allowing the the smoothness and complexity of this refined, luxurious spirit to enthral those lucky enough to try it.

W: Master of Malt

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