September 2, 2018

J. One Black Jelly Pack sells four units every minute and is a Sephora bestseller.

Bestselling Korean skincare brand, J.ONE has announced it is to make it’s UK debut this spring. The J.ONE BLACK JELLY PACK is a hybrid of the highest-selling Sephora product, J.ONE JELLY PACK, known the world over as the ultimate SoKo pre makeup treatment. The coveted overnight rescue mask is hailed as the secret behind the complexion’s of Korean’s A-list, and is now available to purchase at Selfridges, FeelUnique and The Hut Group, priced at £36 (50ml).

This unique jelly-formula sleeping mask improves the condition of your complexion overnight, by hydrating, repairing and soothing exhausted skin. The hassle-free and easy to use ALL-IN-ONE skin rejuvenating hydrating jelly pack provides the skin with missing nutrients from deep inside, and provides respite for skin that has been irritated throughout the day due to environmental stressors. It harnesses seven powerful, antioxidant rich black ingredients protect the skin from external stimuli – black truffle, black pearl, black cumin seed, blackberry, blackcurrant, wine extract, and black bee propolis.

The formula also includes Nobel Prize winning ingredient, Fullerene, which absorbs harmful active oxygen, one of the main culprits of skin aging. This merges with low molecular, or fragmented, hyaluronic acid, proven to have a better level of skin penetration than traditional high molecular hyaluronic acid – meaning it delivers deeper moisture. J.ONE BLACK JELLY PACK also boasts Collagen Boosting Peptides, and Nymphea Alba Flower Extract, known to brighten and smooth the skin, whilst preventing pigmentation caused by UV rays.

The multitasking treatment can also be used in the morning as a serum and mask to visibly hydrate, even the complexion, plump skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, dry and oily and is perfect for women and men with fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin and an uneven complexion. It is also strictly paraben, sulphate and phthalate free. Furthermore, the formula’s beautiful midnight hue is naturally derived and free from synthetic dyes.

The J.ONE BLACK JELLY PACK was curated by beauty industry experts Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, and is seen globally as being at the forefront of the latest innovations in Korean skincare. They work to identify and bring the highest quality products and skin care secrets to beauty addicts across the world.

Iconic Skin Corset Jelly Launches J. One Jelly Pack to The UK

Game-changing Korean skincare staple, and Sephora’s bestselling product has announced it is to make it’s UK debut this spring. The J.ONE JELLY PACK (50ml) is one of the highest-selling beauty products in Korea, selling a HUGE four units every minute. The coveted overnight rescue mask is hailed as the secret behind the complexion’s of Korean’s A-list, and is now set to hit UK shores in March when it launches in Selfridges, FeelUnique, Cult Beauty and The Hut Group, priced at £20 (30ml) and £32 (50ml).

J.One’s sought-after Jelly Pack is a Korean beauty staple – a firm fixture of savvy SoKo women’s bathroom cabinets, this multi-tasking marvel works wonders. The Sephora bestseller was created by a-list Korean actress Jiwon Ha as a result of her desire to condense her morning skin care ritual and has since developed a cult following amongst celebrities and consumers alike. It’s so popular that when it featured on TV shopping, JELLY PACK sold 5 million units over just 3 shows.

The ingenious formula liquefies to deliver extreme hydration when applied to all skin types, thanks to fragmented hyaluronic acid which penetrates deep into the skin layers– lessening the visibility of lines and maximising elasticity. The inclusion of nobel prize winning ingredient fullerene (a powerful antioxidant) then provides protection from the everyday environmental onslaught, while collagen boosting peptides increase collagen production, and boost firmness.

The J.One JELLY PACK can be applied to cleansed skin first thing in the morning as a multitasking treatment, mask, and primer—working to instantly hydrate and prime the skin for makeup. The unique, jelly-like texture liquefies onto skin with gentle patting and creates a canvas which helps to grip any makeup applied afterwards.

1. Elastic and firm skin! Elasticity up! Rich ingredients provide a lasting corset effect, creating firm skin.

2. Gel texture helps closely adhere to skin! When you gently pat the jelly pack onto skin, it will adhere to skin immediately to create a silky smooth finish.

3. Skin protection against external stimuli!

It takes care of stressed skin that has become damaged due to harmful environmental stressors. In clinical user trials:

70% of the subjects showed a decrease in R-value which
represents facial lifting improvements.
100% of the subjects showed a temporary decline in skin
85% of the subjects showed a temporary decline in skin pores
100% of the subjects showed a temporary decline in skin dead skin cells.

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