Blinkies, Luxurious False Lashes Created for today’s glamorous woman

February 9, 2018

The eyes are the windows to the soul, that said they are the first thing most of us notice first, in men and women, so when they are feeling and looking a little worse for wear, we feel it and our confidence is knocked. To add a little glamour or even a lot of glamour brings back that confidence in a nano second, so when we were given Blinkies false lashes to try from Blinking Beauté we were thrilled.

They are presented beautifully and make a great gift, and the variety ensures were is a definitely a pair that will suit you and your individual requirements, whether you just fancy a little thickening and length or full on fabulousness. We have tried several different brands of lashes over the years and the struggle is frustrating, either you can’t get them on you squirt glue in your eyes or when you eventually do get them on they come away and inevitably you just give up! Blinkies are in a different league, they go on easily because they are easy to handle and they stay put, another bonus is that with the correct care they are re-usable.

The application is the same as other lashes, but the band that adheres to the base of your natural lashes feels more flexible but firm and the glue applies smoothly to that band, so we found they fixed above the lash line in one simple go. Removal is just as simple, a gentle pull from the outer corner along the eyelid and using your fingers lightly roll away the excess glue to conserve the lashes, then replace them in the box they arrived in, ready for use next time.

The lashes are available from the website and now from Sephora.

The lashes are handmade, luxurious and of a superior quality which is why they last longer than most

Blinking Beauté ultra glam lashes created by today’s modern woman for today’s modern woman. After feeling frustrated with very few quality false lash options in the marketplace, they decided to design and develop their own to offer women a softer, more comfortable and feminine alternative.

Because Blinking Beauté believe beauty comes from the inside-out, the goal is to help women showcase their inner beauty, eyes first.

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