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Luxuria Lifestyle International VIP Brand Ambassadors

We are delighted to be working very closely with the following global team of Luxuria Lifestyle International VIP Brand Ambassadors.

Our Luxuria Lifestyle International VIP Brand Ambassadors are selected from a premium group of top and rising social media influencers and bloggers, to celebrate and share a luxury lifestyle from around the world.

They have been chosen as a reflection of the best a luxury lifestyle can offer and because of their personal luxury experiences, extensive social media reach / following  and highly valued opinions on luxury living.

Our Ambassadors become valued members of our global magazine editorial team and receive an exciting selection of superb luxury lifestyle benefits, VIP invitations and amazing press opportunities.

To formally apply to become a Luxuria Lifestyle International VIP Brand Ambassador: Apply

Our Ambassadors:

Chelsea Grimshaw

(United Kingdom)

61,200 Followers Twitter Instagram Chelsea Grimshaw
A full time blogger and influencer, Chelsea realised her dream could become a reality if she worked hard enough. Passionate about photography, editing and fashion, Chelsea dosen't see blogging and influencing as a job, because it's something she really loves.

Kris Martinez

(United Kingdom)

15,900 Followers Instagram Kris Martinez
A Southern California transplant, living in London, Kris studied television/broadcast journalism and theatre at university. A lover of social media and blogging, she has a passion for food, fitness, fashion, travel, and all things luxury.

Amy Rebecca Owen

(United Kingdom)

15,900 Followers Twitter Instagram Amy Rebecca Owen
Amy is a 23-year-old Sports Media Consultant with a passion for fashion, and a dream of becoming a full-time blogger. Although she lives in the quiet countryside, she definitely loves the luxury things in life.

Laura Pearson-Smith

(United Kingdom)

15,700 Followers Twitter Instagram Laura Pearson-Smith
Laura works as a full-time beauty, style and travel blogger, writer and influencer from home in Glasgow, Scotland. She has a BA Honours degree in English Literature and Theatre/Performance. She is very much a social media junkie, and is makeup and skincare obsessed.

Whitney Lenise Sartin


10,600 Followers Facebook Instagram Whitney Lenise Sartin
Whitney is a 24 year old travel and lifestyle blogger based in the USA. Her love for travel all things luxury have always been prominent through her social media. She loves creating professional, quality content and aspires to become a full-time blogger.

Gabrielle Grace Keith

(United Kingdom)

7,190 Followers Instagram Gabrielle Grace Keith
Gabrielle is a UK based fashion blogger and luxury influencer. She puts maximum effort into her page which is the perfect place to create professional exposure for your brand.

Lauren Shepherd

(United Kingdom)

4,400 Followers Twitter Instagram Lauren Shepherd
Social media fanatic and Instagram guru. Lauren has only been Blogging since the beginning of this year. She has a passion for the lavish lifestyle and creates a personal bond with her audience. At only 24 she hopes to inspire the younger generation to hop on the luxury band wagon.