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Luxuria Lifestyle International Brand Ambassadors / Influencer Agency

We are delighted to be working very closely with the following growing global team of Luxuria Lifestyle International Brand Ambassadors who are also part of our exclusive influencer agency.

Our Luxuria Lifestyle International Brand Ambassadors are selected from a premium group of top and rising social media influencers and bloggers, to celebrate and share a luxury lifestyle from around the world.

They have been chosen as a reflection of the best a luxury lifestyle can offer and because of their personal luxury experiences, extensive social media reach / following  and highly valued opinions on luxury living.

Our Ambassadors become valued members of our global magazine editorial team and receive an exciting selection of superb luxury lifestyle benefits, VIP invitations and amazing press opportunities.

Please kindly note: To become a new member of our Luxuria Lifestyle Brand Ambassador team, you are also agreeing to join our professional Influencer Agency, on an exclusive basis and all the additional the representation benefits, support and guidance this brings.

To formally apply to become a Luxuria Lifestyle International Brand Ambassador, please fill in the following form and our Ambassador Manager will reply to you ASAP.

Our Ambassadors:

Kaya Cheyenne Cheshire

(United Kingdom)

International Ambassador Manager 3,000 Followers Instagram  Kaya Cheyenne Cheshire
At the age of just 16 landed herself the opportunity to run a 360 campaign Channel 4. She went on to win a 20 under 25 award by Janet Jackson. With a passion for people and the digital world, Kaya started freelancing and has built her own pop-up influencer agency.

Amina Maz

(United Kingdom)

Digital Media Manager 50,000 Followers Twitter Instagram YouTube Amina Maz
Amina is a viral video sensation, all round creative, actress and vlogger/blogger. She has affluent taste in fashion, travel, food, fitness and luxury essentials. She loves to share and inspire her unique life perspective through recommendations of travel/luxury brands.

Diego Carrete


46,000 Followers Instagram
Dubai based fitness personality/influencer, Men’s Health Cover model & Co-Founder of Rebel DXB which is one of the top fitness platforms in the Middle East. Diego is passionate about nutrition and mentors his audience and clients on how to live their lives to the fullest.

Mitchell Webb

(United Kingdom)

23,000 Followers Facebook Twitter Instagram Mitchell Webb
Born and raised in London, Mitchell Webb is the founder and writer behind the fashion & lifestyle platform, The Fashion Webb. Launched in Jan 2016, he features a carefully curated selection of visual narratives, told via style and photography, across his digital platforms and he represents a distinct style.

Lucy Scarfe

(United Kingdom)

18,000 Followers Facebook Twitter Instagram Lucy Scarfe
Lucy has been a professional model in London for the last 10 years. Last Summer, Lucy launched her fashion and beauty blog after a growing number of brands were interested in having her promote their products. Lucy enjoys creating her own styled photo shoots and shares advice for aspiring models.

Elina Khaimova

(United Kingdom)

17,500 Followers Instagram
Currently based in London, Elina works as a Business Development Executive and studies MBA in International Management. She is passionate about traveling, discovering new locations and trying out new luxury restaurants, hotels, products and adventurous activities.