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Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine International Brand Ambassadors

We are delighted to be working very closely with the following growing global team of Luxuria Lifestyle International Brand Ambassadors, who support and endorse our luxury lifestyle online magazines around the world.

Our Brand Ambassadors are selected from rising micro and highly professional mainstream social media influencers / bloggers, to celebrate and share their exciting luxury lifestyles with our readers and brand partners.

Each influencer / blogger we work with is also chosen because of their personal professionalism, luxury experiences, extensive social media reach / following and highly valued opinions on luxury living.

Our Brand Ambassadors become valued members of our global HQ editorial team and receive an exciting selection of superb luxury lifestyle benefits, VIP event invitations, amazing press trips, travel and personal opportunities.

By joining our team it is also a great way to increase your following, make new friends and to experience amazing opportunities that may not currently be open to you in your current access circles.

If you are interested in joining our growing team to become a Luxuria Lifestyle International Brand Ambassador, please fill in the attached form and we will reply to you ASAP. Apply

Our Ambassadors:

Owen Farrell

(United Kingdom)

400,000 Followers Twitter Instagram
Owen Farrell is a professional rugby player for England and Saracens. Outside of rugby he enjoys BBQs and learning new cooking techniques. He has a love for good coffee, luxury travel and enjoys finding independent shops wherever in the world he may be.

Raven Navera

(United Kingdom)

207,000 Followers Facebook Instagram YouTube Raven Navera
Raven is a fashion and lifestyle content creator living in London with an addiction to food, fashion, and travel. She is learning and growing everyday on this adventure. She's not been everywhere or done everything yet, but there's plenty on her to do list.

Alp Ciralki

(United Kingdom)

202,000 Followers Twitter Instagram Alp Ciralki
Alp is a Social Media Influencer and blogger who’s worked with more than 100 brands in 2 years and released 2 commercial videos online that went viral with 100K views. He worked with brands such as Michael Kors, Google, Eurovision. He published his own website two years ago, with huge success.

Jessica Ruth Patterson

(United Kingdom)

31,000 Followers Instagram
Jessica is a self made CEO of top PR agency JPR Media Group and they pack a punch. She loves to travel, eat delicious food and relax at gorgeous spas. She's into her sexy boyfriend, working out, watching hysterical political commentary and going on adventures.

Mitchell Webb

(United Kingdom)

24,000 Followers Facebook Twitter Instagram Mitchell Webb
Born and raised in London, Mitchell Webb is the founder and writer behind the fashion & lifestyle platform, The Fashion Webb. Launched in Jan 2016, he features a carefully curated selection of visual narratives, told via style and photography, across his digital platforms and he represents a distinct style.

Lucy Scarfe

(United Kingdom)

24,000 Followers Facebook Twitter Instagram Lucy Scarfe
Lucy has been a professional model in London for the last 10 years. Last Summer, Lucy launched her fashion and beauty blog after a growing number of brands were interested in having her promote their products. Lucy enjoys creating her own styled photo shoots and shares advice for aspiring models.