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Luxuria Lifestyle International VIP Brand Ambassadors

We are delighted to be working very closely with the following global team of Luxuria Lifestyle International VIP Brand Ambassadors.

Our Luxuria Lifestyle International VIP Brand Ambassadors are selected from a premium group of top and rising social media influencers and bloggers, to celebrate and share a luxury lifestyle from around the world.

They have been chosen as a reflection of the best a luxury lifestyle can offer and because of their personal luxury experiences, extensive social media reach / following  and highly valued opinions on luxury living.

Our Ambassadors become valued members of our global magazine editorial team and receive an exciting selection of superb luxury lifestyle benefits, VIP invitations and amazing press opportunities.

To formally apply to become a Luxuria Lifestyle International VIP Brand Ambassador: Apply

Raven Navera

(United Kingdom)

130,000 Followers Instagram YouTube Raven Navera
Raven is a city professional and vlogger with a keen eye for fashion, a passion for travel and a taste for the finer things in life. She vlogs her experiences and wanderlust adventures in exciting and creative video content and on her blog to inspire others to travel and enjoy life!

Banke Alabi

(United Kingdom)

45,000 Followers Facebook Twitter Instagram Banke Alabi
Banke is a leading influencer and founder of A Style Diary, a blog created as an outlet to inspire and influence individual wardrobe and outfit choices, through her personal style. She fuses fashion which is the core and beauty, with lifestyle inspired by living and working in the city of London.

Jesus Agudo Torregrosa

(United Kingdom)

34,000 Followers Twitter Instagram
Jesus is an Entrepreneur & Influencer based in London, originally from Spain he has lived in 4 different countries including France, Switzerland and Ireland. Traveling all around the globe, Jesus has developed an international social media profile working with brands all around the world.

Hannah Denton

(United Kingdom)

22,000 Followers Facebook Twitter Instagram Hannah Denton
Hannah is a travel blogger based in the UK. Travel is her passion, she will always find time to explore & adventure! She is a firm believer in making the most of everything in life and exploring new & exciting destinations, of course with a splash of luxury along the way!

Amy Rebecca Owen

(United Kingdom)

18,000 Followers Twitter Instagram Amy Rebecca Owen
Amy is a 23-year-old Sports Media Consultant with a passion for fashion, and a dream of becoming a full-time blogger. Although she lives in the quiet countryside, she definitely loves the luxury things in life.

Kris Martinez

(United Kingdom)

17,000 Followers Instagram Kris Martinez
A Southern California transplant, living in London, Kris studied television/broadcast journalism and theatre at university. A lover of social media and blogging, she has a passion for food, fitness, fashion, travel, and all things luxury.