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Jessica Dynevor

(United Kingdom)

11,000 Followers Instagram Jessica Dynevor
A spontaneous person in all aspects of life, blogger Jess has lived in Ibiza, Dubai & Canada over the last 5 years, working with exciting brands and people from across the globe. Passionate about events, health, fashion and travel, she’s happy to now be back in London.

Catherine Karsas

(United Kingdom)

11,000 Followers Instagram Catherine Karsas
Born in South Africa, raised in Greece and now based in London, Cathy is an explorer of all cultures, flavours and arts. Her passions have led her to graduate with a Masters in Architecture and establish her lifestyle blog. She calls it her online gallery of explorations.

Alex Scott

(United Kingdom)

10,000 Followers Instagram
Alex is an influencer and entrepreneur based in London, with a passion for luxury, beauty, travel, fashion and fine dining. With an international social media profile she has worked with brands from around the world.

Jessica Chapman

(United Kingdom)

6,200 Followers Facebook Twitter Instagram Jessica Chapman
Jessica is 27 years young and based in the UK. A Digital Account Manager by day, a Food, Fashion, Lifestyle Blogger by night with an eye for luxury. She enjoys cooking, meeting new people, travelling to exotic destinations and discovering new restaurants/bars/holidays to explore and review.

Cresta Okonkwo

(United Kingdom)

6,000 Followers Twitter Instagram Cresta Okonkwo
Cresta is currently studying Politics & International Relations at Queen Mary University of London. Since the age of 4, she has had a deep-rooted passion for dance, performing in gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, commercial and hip hop. She loves her blogging too.

Chloe Tyler

(United Kingdom)

5,500 Followers Instagram
Chloe is the company director of Flex Massage, a small soft tissue therapy business in Essex and attends the University of East London, where she is studying for Sports Therapy BSc Hons. Aside from this Chloe' s passion is modelling and hopes to pursue it as career one day.