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Chloe & Archie

(United Kingdom)

5,000 Followers Instagram
Chloe and Archie are an ambitious couple, both entrepreneurs running their own small businesses. Currently Chloe is an undergraduate sports therapist and Archie works in corporate marketing. In the future Chloe aspires to be a successful modeland Archie is pursuing a career in pro basketball.

Kaya Cheshire

(United Kingdom)

4,000 Followers Instagram Kaya Cheshire
Born in Wales and grew up in a small town. Between fighting the female revolution and battle for equality at just age 15 she got offered an opportunity to work with Channel 4. This kickstarted her passion and career in entrepreneurship and continued this along side a successful eBay business.

Kirstie Melella

(United Kingdom)

3,000 Followers Instagram Kirstie Melella
Kirstie has a Diploma in interior Design and an NVQ in professional makeup. She is currently working in corporate marketing. Kirstie has passion for beauty, interior design, travel, fitness and fashion. She enjoys nights in London discovering bars and restaurants to recommend.

Sophia Sellwood

(United Kingdom)

2,000 Followers Facebook Twitter Instagram Sophia Sellwood
Sophia has a BA Hons in Fashion and thoroughly enjoys working in the industry. She is an enthusiast for fashion, fitness, travel, events and all things luxurious in life. Sophia has launched her blog and is looking forward to a successful year experiencing new luxury locations.

Aida Noor

(United Kingdom)

2,000 Followers Facebook Instagram Aida Noor
Aida is a scientist and uses her social media influence to promote for the positive attitude towards life. Her brand is: I think, I write, I speak. She is dreaming of making a difference by sharing her thoughts. Aida loves to explore different places and has interests in fashion and makeup.