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July 3, 2019

Buy Gold, Eat it too!

Surely you have heard before that you can’t eat gold. Ironically these words come out of a mouth that can eat gold. Take a moment to analyse and let the irony sink in. You will know it has, the moment you begin to smile, and yes, be sure to remember this the next time someone says you can’t eat it. But the truth, as you know is you can eat gold. The human body is completely capable of eating gold. You can, in fact, go out right now and eat gold, and since it is soft, old Gramps without teeth can have it too – no I am not talking about pure gold here.

Buy gold to eat – edible gold in the form of gold leaf sheets and gold powder

Instagram has recently turned gold doughnuts and gold sushi into extravagant, viral sensations, but we have a had an appetite for the glittery, malleable metal since long. While you are being stunned by the dusted gold powder and flakes in your cocktail or the delicately laid leaf surrounding your wedding cake, one thought may cross your mind: “What are the other ways to use gold in food?

Eat Gold and Chocolate – A Perfect Pairing

Indulging gold in chocolate is nothing new. Chocolatiers all around the world have been doing so for centuries, almost as long as people have been known to use gold in foods. Perhaps because people can swallow gold without any harm, and because chocolatiers love experimenting with their chocolates – trying to make it an elegant luxury sweet, gold and chocolate seem to go together.

If you have a creative culinary streak, you too can dream up and present an exotic combination for your guests, and dazzle them with “Gold for Dessert”. The application of gold on food is pretty simple.

Edible gold is available in many forms such as gold leaf, gold bubbles, gold powder, gold sprinkle, gold dust, etc. There are perhaps limitless combinations of ways of eating gold and chocolate together.

Once you start pairing gold with culinary arts, there is genuinely no end to the possible combinations and different ways to eat gold. For instance, these Glittery Gold Chocolate-Dipped Oreos will definitely get your kid noticed in the school cafeteria.

If you Don’t Want to Eat Gold With Chocolate

Perhaps, if chocolate is not to your particular taste, or perhaps you want to experiment with something new, you can have a look at a series of recipes with edible gold and try some of them.

The edible gold which plays an important part of what generally would be seaweed may just be on point in the above image. The Japanese have been paying dearly for the highest quality of tuna for as long as the Tuna Trade exists. So, if you are going to pay 40 Pound sterling for a slice of raw tuna and some rice, you might as well eat edible gold with it.

Not only Can You Eat Gold, But You Can also Drink Gold

If you really want to charm your guests with something more than the gold chocolates and gold dessert you made for them, then you must certainly consider serving them gold champagne, because, If you can eat gold, Why not drink it?

Champagne and gold go hand in hand like chocolate and gold go hand in hand, and there may be no more a sophisticated way to drink and eat gold.

Gold flakes in a glass of champagne will actually dance for quite some time, but as soon as the bubbles in the champagne attach themselves to the gold flakes, the bubbles carry the gold to the top of the glass. The bubbles then pop and the flakes go back at the bottom of the glass where champagne bubbles attach again, and the mesmerizing experience begins anew.

Instagram / #Luxurialife