Can You Still Live in Luxury When You’re a Student Away from Home?

May 16, 2019

Being a student doesn’t mean you cannot live in luxury. Students often get the best discounts and can save a lot of money in many luxurious restaurants and bars. Furthermore, with student accommodation becoming increasingly popular, luxurious student accommodations are being built to attract students and bring a whole new meaning to student accommodation. If you are considering leaving home to go to university, here is how you can still live in luxury.

Student Discounts

Living on a student budget is difficult and many students find it hard to work whilst studying. If this is the case, having a little saved up before you go to university means you can live a more luxurious lifestyle. The good thing about being a student is all the freebies and discounts you can get. Many nightclubs, restaurants, and clothing stores offer student discounts. Even subscriptions services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime allow students to get their subscription deals for much less. Many stores offer a discount too with your university card and if you need a new MacBook for university, wait until you start the course, as Apple stores offer a student discount.

Student Accommodation

One of the best ways to live in luxury as a student is to choose the right accommodation. Unfortunately, there are some pretty awful student accommodations out there, with landlords being difficult to contact or the constant need for repairs to the flat. However, the accommodation available through Almero will certainly leave you feeling like you’re at home. Almero is a leader in student accommodation throughout the UK and overseas and only offer the best for their students. Not only this but all of your bills and utilities, including Wi-Fi, are included in the price of the rent. They offer security to keep you safe and they even provide a weekly cleaning service. If you want a home away from home and to live the life of a high-end student, you can find student studio flats in Bristol which are extremely popular. Almero also have flats in Exeter, Nottingham, Leeds and Manchester.

Choosing the Right City

Living the life of luxury means choosing the right place to go to. If this means being surrounded by shops, bars, and clubs, then choosing a busy student city is a must. Chester is a beautiful city with a rich and diverse history and many luxurious places to eat and drink. If you want to move to Scotland to study, Edinburgh is the place to be. When visiting universities, check what else they have to offer around them as this is an essential part of student life. If you want a better idea of the best place to go to as a university student, check out the top ten student cities within the UK.

Moving away from home as a student could be the best thing you ever do. Choosing the right city and the right accommodation ensures that you live in luxury whilst you are studying. Don’t forget to take advantage of all the deals you can as a student.

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