Celebrations call for Trevethan Handcrafted Cornish Gin infused with Tradition

December 19, 2018

Trevethan Distillery has created a delicious masterpiece infused with tradition, and bottled of perfection, each bottle has its own unique character. The Trevethan bottle with blue and copper accents encapsulates what Trevethan stands for; tradition, power and quality, and it’s finished off with a coat of arms. The artwork and bottle portray elements of a 1920’s design, with a modern feel. Trevethan Cornish Gin creates a unique flavour, with subtle hints of citrus and floral notes to wake up the taste buds, with a smooth texture.

The gin recipe was created by Norman Trevethan in 1929. Norman’s inspiration came from a range of exotic and local hedgerow botanicals, creating a family recipe which has lived on through generations. The modern day batches utilise a certain portion of hand picked botanicals that can be traced back to the specific farm of origin. The recipe includes; juniper, coriander, cassia, angelica, cardamom, orange peel, lemon peel and vanilla. The finest Cornish elderflower and gorse flower, handpicked from the hedgerows of Trewonnard Dairy Farm in Treneglos. The water is from a natural spring on nearby authentic farmland.

Calling all my Gin connoisseurs! A perfect purchase to the envy of your friends and family, who will be keen to sample. A celebratory occasion will be dull without Trevethan gracing the lips of your distinguished guests.

Trevethan Distillery released their exciting blended range of Trevethan Miniatures… Awww. (Bottle Size 5cl); Trevethan Original Gin, Trevethan Honey Oak Gin, delicious and Trevethan Chauffeur’s Reserve all with their own individual flavours.

Trevethan Cornish Honey Oak Gin, in a beautiful copper and cherry bottle, created using virgin oak block, bursting with flavour with hints of vanilla and sweet honey, sweet aroma.

Trevethan Chauffeur’s Reserve is to honour Norman Trevethans life as a 1920’s chauffeur, the foundation of this gin is ‘Navy Strength’ packed full of flavour, it is vibrant and accentuates the earthy smoothness of Trevethans juniper forward recipe, a vibrant and distinct flavour.

The Trevethan grapefruit and lychee in a feminine peach and copper bottle creating a beautiful fusion of the usual quality of the original Trevethan gin, but adding the zest and sweetness from the addition of grapefruit and lychee to evoke a taste of exotic.

The perfect Trevethan experience is to serve the gin on ice with light tonic, a slice of orange and a sprig of rosemary. To awaken Trevethan Chauffeur’s Reserve Gin add Fever Tree Indian Tonic and ice, a large twist of grapefruit peel and sprig of fresh oregano. To keep the sweet tooth’s amongst us alive, Trevethan Honey Oak Gin, add Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and ice, a slice of apple and a couple of juniper berries, irresistible.

Trevethan offers a gin experience for all, whether a newbie or an experienced gin connoisseur-enjoy!

Available at John Lewis Partners and various stockists.

Written by Rene Byrd for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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