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February 2, 2020

Cirrus Aviation: Defining Luxury Jet Travel in Las Vegas

Experience over Everything

Safety, simplicity and service is the motto of Cirrus Aviation with the value of ‘Experience over Everything.’

“Our clients are busy people who expect fast answers, clear communication and discrete professionalism,” says Greg Woods, president and chief executive officer of Cirrus Aviation. “We can have clients in the air within two hours or less, flying on their terms with space, speed and comfort required for a luxurious journey.”

The family-owned business Cirrus Aviation team has been managing and operating aircraft – commercially and privately – for more than 40 years. Director of Operations Mark Woods has been vital in working with his brother to master the details and demands of the aviation industry.

Unlike other private jet management companies who focus on creating multiple profit centres from a management relationship, Cirrus Aviation acts as a fractional flight department focused on long-term relationships and creating efficiency for their aircraft owners. Cirrus Aviation owns and manages a dedicated fleet of jets at their home base of McCarran International Airport, along with a growing presence in Los Angeles, New York City and other markets.

“We partner with private jet owners to ensure their aircraft is in top condition for personal use, and if desired we make the aircraft available to generate charter revenue with full transparency and oversight,” says Woods.

Cirrus’ Circumstances for Success

Safety is the top priority for Cirrus Aviation with constant dedication to meeting and exceeding federal safety guidelines that have been rewarded with a Platinum rating by ARGUS International, which is only given out to about five per cent of private jet services in the United States.

Ongoing education is fostered among pilots and ground crew while ensuring Cirrus Aviation’s safety management system and continuing analysis and surveillance system in following strict federal requirements.

“We take pride in exceeding all requirements and expectations with a highly skilled experienced team of pilots, mechanics and travel professionals,” says Woods. “We also advocate for our clients throughout the entire experience, helping owners in aircraft research, acquisitions, operations and charter revenue generation, as well as aircraft upgrades and maintenance by the best team in the industry.”

To complete the full-service experience, Cirrus Aviation works with their sister concierge service VegasGiant to coordinate all of the perks of luxury travel, from comfort features and ground transportations services to entertainment and lavish hotel suites.

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