City of London Distillery, bringing gin back to its historical home

December 10, 2018

The multi award-winning City of London Distillery has a rich gin history. During the Gin Craze in the 18th century there was a gin distillery or gin shop in every street in the City benefiting from the spices and citrus fruits coming in to the port of London. The Gin Craze was ended, very few gin distilleries survived, and for nearly 200 years there wasn’t a single gin distillery in the City. That is until the City of London Distillery opened in 2012.

Over these 200 years gin distilling techniques improved, and gin became more refined with more subtle flavours. Gin was big business and London Dry Gin became the most popular type of gin. Then came the next gin revolution with the advent of the small-batch micro-distilleries bringing variety, interest and experimentation; new botanicals, new combinations, new gins.

The City of London Distillery opened on 20th December 2012 just off Fleet Street on Bride Lane, within the City of London. The first gin, loyal to their roots, was a classic London Dry Gin – followed soon after by a celebration of the City of London – Square Mile gin. Since then adding a very popular Sloe gin to the range as well as Old Tom and Christopher Wren gins and most recently Six Bells Lemon gin.

Six Bells Lemon Gin has notes of lemon sherbet together with the aromatic flavours reminiscent of a classic dry gin, perfect for creating a wonderfully zesty gin and tonic.

Six Bells Lemon Gin is named after the six bells surrounding the City of London in the classic rhyme ‘Oranges and Lemons’ – St Martin’s, Old Bailey, Shoreditch, St Clements’, Stepney and Bow. Tradition has it that someone is a true Cockney if they are born within the sound of the Bow bells. ‘Born’ less than a mile away the City of London Bar and Distillery is proud of its heritage. The new gin comes in a yellow bottle, shaped like the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral, which is only half a mile from the distillery.

A bottle of Six Bells Lemon Gin (41.3% /vol) is priced £35 and available from the City of London Distillery and Bar and online at: Six Bells Lemon Gin

To celebrate the launch, gin lovers can enjoy it in a G&T or Martini cocktail for just £8.50 at the City of London Distillery Bar (COLD) on Bride Lane. Usually £10.00 each, Six Bells Lemon G&T and Martinis are available at the COLD Bar Monday to Wednesday 5.30pm-8pm, until Christmas 2018.

Often referred to as a hidden treasure, the bar at the City of London Distillery, called the COLD bar, is a retro, speakeasy-style cocktail bar that overlooks the striking copper stills of the distillery. The flickering candles and faint aroma of gin vapour that hangs in the air all add to the bar’s unique and cosy atmosphere. Table booking recommended.

City of London Distillery also offers fun experiences for gin lovers

The two-hour Gin Lab Experience lets gin fans create their own bespoke 70cl gin for just £125. Gin lovers can learn about the distilling process, botanicals and then create and distil their own recipe. The final stage will be to bottle it into one of the City of London Distillery’s iconic bottles, shaped like the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, and create a personalised label. All this will be enjoyed while sipping a signature G&T from the City of London Distillery Bar. Gin fans will get to take home a full 70cl bottle of their special gin and receive a £5 off voucher for a further bottle of gin.

Alternatively, book in for a Distillery Tour and Gin Tasting. Explore the history of London’s affiliation with gin production, learn about the distilling process and try three signature gins all for £25.

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