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December 2, 2019

Cody & Co – the regeneration of the great British shoe

Introducing a new British shoe brand: Cody & Co. Founded by Phil Cody, an entrepreneur in footwear, the AW collection contains an array of affordable luxury shoes from Chelsea boots to casual trainers and suede loafers. Cody & Co serves as the ultimate British brand for the discerning, modern man. Combining British craftsmanship with Italian design, the brand’s first footwear line serves as a regeneration of the great British shoe.

The creation of shoe entrepreneur Phil Cody, Cody & Co footwear harnesses a British heritage with no compromise on quality; products are crafted in Sheffield using the finest Italian leather. Cody comments, “The handwriting of our product is inspired by Italian shoemaking; their flair for relaxed constructions and material finishing. The attention to detail on the brand application and every aspect of the shoe has been thought through in meticulous detail, from the utilisation of high-grade materials to the sustainably-sourced, recycled packaging each pair is delivered in.”

A hero-product from the A/W collection is undoubtedly the Handley (start at £185) – a reimagined Chelsea boot with a pared-back construction in premium Janus Calf Suede from British-born Steads and Co. of Leeds. For a more casual look, the Sorby trainer (starting at £155) utilises Eurotre’s Italian full-calf leather lining to create a timeless, modern classic sneaker. Each style is available in a selection of colourways.

Having culminated over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry, Cody was inspired to create a shoe brand that champions British-made European style, producing a high-end quality product without the excessive price tag. Celebrating Sheffield’s steelmaking heritage, the Cody & Co logo bears the chains, flames and anvil of their branding mark, whilst their bespoke Yorkshire rose-print is embossed onto every lining of their shoes.

With prices starting at £155, Cody & Co shoes have been designed to take gentlemen anywhere from the city pavements to weekends in the country and urban city breaks. Refusing to compromise on quality the brand embraces a concise range of footwear, championing classic styles with a modern twist in its bid to regenerate the great British shoe.
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