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July 25, 2022

Concept Elite – Recognized Advisors in Dubai`s Luxury Real Estate Investment

When you take your first steps in your search for a new home in Dubai, the endless possibilities and options can make you excited and confused at the same time. However, the process of finding a property to buy or invest in can be comfortable and enjoyable. With the services of experts like the team at Concept Elite, clients are guaranteed excellent results for their needs and the opportunity to discover all the delights of their new life in Dubai. A thorough knowledge of the real estate market and willingness to apply their experience and skills to help buyers and investors achieve their goals has helped Concept Elite to receive recognition as a winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Egypt.

Concept Elite is a boutique real estate investment company that offers its clients a marketplace of luxury properties and exciting lifestyle solutions since 2017. It takes care of all of its clients’ property search needs, and acting on their behalf, seeks out options for the best possible deal to buy or rent. Deeply immersed in their clients’ needs, Concept Elite maintains that involvement throughout the entire transaction.

The firm is based in Cairo and Dubai, thanks to which it boasts a thorough knowledge of the luxury real estate market in those cities. Treating Dubai as their home, Concept Elite makes sure it becomes the dream home of every one of their clients. The company’s experts understand how important and challenging the process of choosing a new home is, so their every action is aimed at making it as comfortable and carefree as possible.

As one of the busiest and most promising cities in the world, Dubai offers a huge range of options for home buying and real estate investments with maximum ROI. Concept Elite is proud to provide a wide range of options in all their diversity. Whether it’s a comfortable apartment in the business district, a luxury home on the bay, or any other desire, the experts are sure to find the perfect option to suit your needs.

There is an extensive array of services besides Dubai’s market. Concept Elite provides Second Citizenships in various countries and across all continents whether it’s Europe, Caribbean Islands beautiful commonwealth countries like St. Kitts & Nevis or Grenada, Northern America and many more the possibilities are endless. They help their clients to find the right fit for them to become a Global Citizen, opening amazing opportunities to their businesses and families.

Additionally, Concept Elite provides extravagant, premium holdings and purchases worldwide such as private jets and yachts.

“We are extremely pleased and proud that our dedication to excellence and commitment to providing top-notch service has been recognized by respected Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts. Beginning with Egypt, our vision is to be the Middle East and Africa’s leading company in international investments as we aim to build our investor’s trust and satisfaction in all their investments & to give them the opportunity to be part of a global community. We are an Elite enterprise for the Elite clientele,” commented
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About Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global award selecting, recognizing, celebrating, and promoting the best luxury goods and services all over the world. The goal of the company is to connect people with the best of luxury. LLA has evaluated more than 10 000 various goods and services in 400 categories from 60 countries and analyzed the results to give you a TOP list of the best of the best in the world. Such world-renowned brands as Chanel, Dom Perignon, and Ferrari were proudly named winners. The victory brings companies status and recognition, global promotion, and exposure to an entirely new market of customers.

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