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March 4, 2019

Cyrus Todiwala’s goes from strength to strength with his ‘Parsi’ style cuisine

Cyrus Todiwala has just opened his new restaurant in London, inside the Lincoln Plaza Hotel in London’s Docklands area.

Celebrated Indian Chef, Cyrus has grown his restaurant empire over the last few years and has also become one of the lovable ‘TV Chefs’, regularly seen on a wide variety of cookery programmes, particularly Saturday Morning Kitchen. Awarded the OBE in 2009, having previously held an MBE since 2002, Cyrus goes from strength to strength with his ‘Parsi’ style cuisine, staying true to his Indian roots, but with a ‘pan-British’ touch!

His new restaurant, ‘Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen’ only opened in January 2019, but there is already a successful MTK at London Heathrow Airport. Serving a combination of Indian street food and exquisite dishes from his repertoire, it is sure to be a hit.

The restaurant has its own entrance, but it is at the back of the hotel, which certain patrons find confusing! Once inside though, you are greeted by an enormous wooden elephant, somewhat of a showpiece of the establishment!

Taking some of the elements of his successful Café Spice Namaste (also in London), Cyrus continues his philosophy of fresh and vibrant foods with a sustainable approach to ingredients, using where possible those grown or reared by British producers, such is his concern for the environment. Hats off to you Cyrus.

The interior of the restaurant is an eclectic mix – somewhere between industrial, Spanish knick-knacksand ‘oddities’, with blazing bright blue, orange and red paint and a mixture of furniture that doesn’t necessarily follow a theme. Not to everyone’s taste – you may be slightly ‘nonplussed’ by the surroundings, but the food will undoubtedly make up for it.

You are spoilt for choice in terms of the food, which includes a multi-course Gourmand menu as well as a tasting menu. Alternatively, just stick to what you enjoy if you really aren’t sure – there is plenty to tempt your taste buds. Make sure you indulge in some of the critically acclaimed chutneys, pickles and dips with some tasty poppadoms, either before you start your meal, or in fact they seem to perfectly match all the main dishes – and what a selection there is. Plenty of bold choices unlikely to be served in your local Indian restaurant.

Perhaps to start a dosa would be a great choice, the most distinctive being the Frankie Goat Dosa – rather filling with diced Boer goat and a rich and unctuous Bombay sauce – beware, whilst delicious it is not for those with tiny appetites! If you just want the flavour of India, stick with the poppadoms and chutneys and leave space for the main course. Our favourite appetiser was a ‘UK meets India’ dish -Sweet Cornish crab meat sizzled with black mustard seeds, green chilli, white lentils and curry leaves with minced shallot, tomato & fresh grated coconut. Absolutely superb.

It is not often you find an excellent beef dish served in a run of the mill Indian restaurant, but of course any establishment owned by Mr Todiwala would never be called ordinary. Beef Xacutti (noted to be one of the best curries in the world) is a beautifully tender Goan dish, with no less than 21 ingredients, cooked over 3 stages – now that is some cooking involved. The sauce is both aromatic and flavoursome, so the accompaniment of steamed rice is perfect.

If you prefer Tandoor cooked dishes, then try the Saffron and Ginger Halibut (bet you have never had that before!).
As a fish, this is perfect for a tandoor oven – the fish stays firm but still melting in the mouth and the delicate spicing only enhances the flavour. Marinated in yoghurt and spices before grilling, it is a great choice for fish lovers. Served with vegetables of the day and a crisp naan bread.

If you love tandoor-style cooking, but cannot decide, then go for the mixed platter, where you have a choice of all the skewered dishes on the tandoor menu.

A: Hilton London Heathrow Terminal, Slough SL3 0FF
T: 01753 686860
W: Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen

Written by Rapha Zurita for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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