Designing a Luxury Chef’s Kitchen in Your Home – Don’t Forget These Essential Kitchen Tools

April 29, 2019

Where it used to be that a luxury chef’s kitchen was something reserved for only the top restaurants in the world, today’s homeowners are transforming their own kitchens into workspaces that are fit for the top chefs. These luxurious kitchens make it possible for home cooks and foodies to whip up their own masterpieces and be as creative as they want. Of course, in order for that creativity to take shape, there are some essential kitchen tools you’re going to want to invest in.

Here we’ll take a look at five luxury kitchen tool essentials that will really cap off your entire chef’s kitchen.

A High Quality Knife Set

Every chef knows that a large portion of a successful meal lies in the preparation. With that said, preparation goes a whole lot smoother and faster when you’ve got high-quality knives. The Laguiole Collector set is an excellent example of the kind of knives that belong in a luxury kitchen. These are handmade forged and guilloched knives, where the workmanship is evident from the moment you pick them up.

For those who want to look into the Laguiole Collection, be sure to look at the offerings on the Laguiole French Knives site. These are the kinds of essentials you can invest in once, and then get many years of use out of.

Start Enjoying Espresso at Home

Another staple in a luxury chef’s kitchen is an espresso machine. This will allow you to create that café atmosphere right in your own home. Not only is espresso a great way to get the day started, but it’s also a wonderful beverage to offer guests when they pop by.

When it comes to shopping for an espresso machine, the semi-automatic machines tend to be the most popular. They don’t require a lot of work on your part, yet you’ll still get those same cafe-style results.

A Stand Mixer for All Your Baking and Mixing Needs

When it comes to the work horses in the kitchen, the stand mixer sits atop the list for many professional and home chefs. It can make quick and easy work of mixing, kneading, whipping, and blending. Recipes that would usually take you a while to put together, and plenty of muscles to mix up, are no problem at all for these powerful machines.

Keep All Your Creations Fresh with a Vacuum Sealer

Here’s an item that once you invest in it, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it. A vacuum sealer is able to keep your food fresh for a much longer period of time since it takes all the air out. They are perfect for sealing small single-portions that can then be stored in the freezer.

Take the Guesswork Out of Cooking Meat

Another kitchen essential that can be pushed into the luxury category is a smart meat thermometer. A smart thermometer provides you with a whole bunch of extra tools and functionality, all of which takes the guesswork out of cooking meat. These devices will alert your mobile device when the meat is ready, and provide you with temperature updates.

Each of these essentials will help you to put together the luxury kitchen that you deserve.

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