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February 9, 2018

Amir Gehl

Amir Gehl comes from a long line of tobacco manufacturers. He compares his passion for coffee to his appreciation of fine wines and cigars, all of which rely on great soil and weather to deliver outstanding taste. However, when Amir moved to London as a young boy, his love of coffee had not developed and he often remarked that he found it “rather bitter, almost burnt”.

Due to this, one could have never expected him to turn into the coffee ‘guru’ he is today. Dealing with the finest producers the world has to offer and providing the Crème de la Crème of coffee to private clubs, palace hotels and Michelin star restaurants across Europe and the world.

Amir has become one of, if not the most, knowledgeable influencers both in the British capital and worldwide. He gives regular presentations to coffee aficionados and he supplies business tycoons, politicians, celebrities and Royals the ‘crown’ of what the coffee world can offer.

Everyone can enjoy Amir’s selection of coffees by using their pods in a traditional Nespresso machine. Difference Coffee has developed the ingenious idea of purchasing the best coffee money can buy, roasting and grinding the beans, then putting them in a nitrogen flushed capsule. This retains the freshness of the coffee, avoids any loss of flavours caused by degassing and the oxidization of the beans thereby ensuring a balanced and consistent flavour at the simple push of a button.

The range of coffees includes The Hawaii Kona Champion, Jamaican Blue Mountain and the Cup of Excellence 2016 winner ‘Brazil Pulped Naturals’ to name a few. All Difference Coffees are 100% Specialty Grade Arabica. Sourced from legendary estates, rare varietal competition winning beans. Supply currently ranges from 12kg to 240kg per coffee per year which gives one a clear indication of the rarity and luxury of Difference Coffee.

Simply buying the best coffee beans in the world is not enough in the eyes of Amir. To turn those beans into the best cup of coffee possible, there is a long and delicate process which is why Difference Coffee takes roasting very seriously. They have teamed up with one of the best master roasters in the world, Johnny England, who is not only one of the five licensed judges of Coffee in the whole of Europe, but also an authorised trainer in the science of roasting for The Speciality Coffee Association.

Difference Coffee has now also started to produce its own cafetiere pouches, all meticulously designed with a contemporary twist to suit bars and restaurants. One can enjoy their selection of specialty roasted beans at The Four Seasons in Trinity Square, Harry’s bar, Mark’s Club, La Dame de Pic, The Wellesley and the new Annabelle’s in London.

Over the years, Difference Coffee has become a bit of an exclusive club and Amir has positioned himself at the very top of the pyramid among bidders at the most prestigious and rigorous competitions in the coffee universe, namely the Cup of Excellence, Best of Panama not to mention the prestigious annual Kona Cupping competition. Those events are the ‘Oscars’ of the coffee world, where the world’s best-known industry players come to bid on the highest rated award-winning special grade Arabica beans from the world’s most lauded estates.

Chris Osborn, a London-based, American-expat, blogger perfectly sums up Difference Coffee’s current status by stating: “I’m not quite sure how he did it, but somehow Amir managed to wedge a place for Difference Coffee among the bidders at a few of the most prestigious and rigorous coffee competitions in the coffee loving universe”

The Cup of Excellence competitions have more than 300 entries per year, per country and have six rounds of evaluation by national and international juries with a total of +10,000 cups having been analysed before the top ten winners are announced. As such, the top ten finalists would have been cupped 280 times and the place of Difference Coffee at these annual selective gathering means that their collection represents the rarest and highest graded coffees in the world as Amir makes it a point to secure only the harvest of the No 1 winner and not settle for second best. Difference Coffee is thus fully confident in saying that their coffees really are the finest in the world. “It is not a marketing claim, it is based on something tangible”.

One of Difference Coffee’s most talked about products is the Kopi Luwak Coffee. Often referred to as ‘the world’s most expensive coffee’ it derives its name from the Indonesian Civet cat. The wild Luwak cat selects only the highest quality of berries to consume and digest, often only after a meticulous inspection which is why it is such a prized and sought-after Coffee. The consumption of these berries begins a unique process that uses the natural enzymes in the Luwak digestive system to remove and bitterness from the bean and provides a truly remarkable and delicious drink. It is these rare and universally desired coffees such as the Kopi Luwak that Amir strives to give his customers access to without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Plans for 2018 are looking extremely exciting with the most prestigious establishments internationally like The Palace in Gstaad becoming key partners. Difference Coffees are limited in supply and are sold by strict allocation through their dedicated online boutique to the members of Difference Coffee club. To get your hands on some of the world’s finest coffee join the club and receive your allocations visit Difference Coffee

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