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August 16, 2019

Discover the magical Camaya Bali and get lost in it’s wonder

Arriving in the depth of Bali, steeped in the lush green rainforest and ready for some nature therapy, we were more than surprised when we stepped onto the grounds of Camaya Bali, in Selat, located in east Bali. Our initial warm and friendly Balinese greeting came from a man called Santa and a lady called Sri, together with the family of staff. We were met at the entrance up on the hill and helped to carry our belongings down the pebble steps and along a beautiful path of lush luxuriant nature. It had been raining heavily for our entire journey and it was still raining when we arrived. It’s always wonderful to witness the change of the elements and of course it’s essential for mother nature to be fed and watered, however, we were hoping that the rain would soon stop! We arrived at the quaint onsite open-air restaurant, where a refreshing welcome drink of watermelon and papaya was freshly made for us and we sat gazing out at the lush green valley, admiring the remarkable panorama of the rice terraces and raw untouched terrain.

Camaya Bali hosts four uniquely designed Bamboo houses, all with an open front and steeped on the edge of a valley with incredible scenic views. Feeling excited to become acquainted with our magical bamboo house, we trekked through the path of nature and made our way to a secluded location. The surprise was all ours as we looked up ahead and to our amazement, we saw the first sighting of our luxurious eco villa called Camaya Suboya. Perched on the hill amidst the rich tropical forest was our beautiful nature retreat, a peaceful green haven entirely made from bamboo and surrounded by natural wonders.

We began settling in and lightly unpacked as our stay was unfortunately short at this little patch of paradise. Feeling happy and grateful to be immersed in such a unique environment, we began exploring the charming crafted bamboo interior and its characteristic features. There were two floors in the villa and ample space for four guests to stay. The ground floor completely open with no doors and at the front of the house on one side there was a hammock to relax and bathe in the tranquillity. On the opposite side, there was a cosy pillow chillout corner to relax in and soak up the majestic views. There was also an open kitchen with facilities to cook and a juicer that can be used with the fresh local fruits grown and picked from the surrounding fields. A lovely king-sized canopy bed takes centre stage with both a curtain and mosquito net surrounding the bed and next to it was an outside rain shower guarded by strong bamboo.

To enjoy a bite to eat, there was a breakfast bar with high stools and a lower seating area for dining or relaxing at the front edge of the house, it was in pole position for a spectacular view of a calm oasis and the most magical vistas of Mount Agung and the mountain peaks guarding from afar. Lastly, on the ground floor, just a little to the side of the villa, was a pretty and quaint freshwater pool, with natural stone, sunken into the ground and cradled amidst nature. Upstairs the view becomes even more vast from the master bedroom which has a 7-meter-high ceiling with another beautiful king-sized bed, also netted. There was also an open wardrobe space next to a small natural bathroom and a separate spacious terrace with lounge chairs. The final feature from the master bedroom was the signature relaxation space and ultimate photo spot, an outdoor net hammock, erected on the outside front centre of the house that can be converted into a bed to take those Insta-worthy shots!

Feeling completely inspired from a magical tour of our luxurious secluded treehouse, we decided to take advantage of the abundant relaxation props, and soak up the lush panorama, as it was still raining heavily, and the evening was drawing in. Therefore, we were more than happy to stay still and connect with the raw beauty of mother nature. It was a gift to be bathing in luxury and in direct contact with a highly oxygenated environment, to inhale its aromas and tune into the heightened senses and sounds of the wild. A place you could retreat and spend unforgettable days being off-grid in the soul of nature and restoration.

There are several activities and places to visit in the surrounding area of Selat if one desires to be more active. Some of which are; local rice terrace hiking, white water rafting, visiting the Besakih Mother Temple, Canang lessons – to learn all about making Balinese offerings with the locals, visiting the Tirtagangga Water Palace, halfday tours to the beach, private yoga lessons and Balinese massage. To help the guests with transportation in the remote surroundings, Camaya Bali resort can provide a free motorcycle to explore the local vicinity and embark on an adventure to discover some of the above places on your own.

As we had decided to stay put and relax at the Camaya Suboya bamboo house, we arranged to have our dinner at the local restaurant on site and we were more than ready for a feast. The sound of bamboo knocking became louder outside the villa and the lovely staff came to greet us with umbrellas and torches to escort us with shelter and light through the dark and wet bushes across to the restaurant. Our dinner was a treat, it was so delicious and had been freshly prepared from the wonderful and hospitable staff using the local produce and ingredients that were in seasonal from the surrounding fields. Both my friend and I devoured a selection of Balinese chicken and vegetable speciality dishes and finished off with our favourite Indonesian dessert, banana fritters with ice-cream!

Feeling content and extremely relaxed, we were ready for a heavenly night’s sleep. The sound of rain continued at a regular rhythm like the beat of a drum upon the bamboo, but shortly after we drifted off and took our desired rest… As the light of dawn began to immerge, simultaneously the song of nature awoke and the many sounds of chirping birds each sang their melody amidst the tumbling rain in the evergreen sanctuary. Yes, it was still raining, however, on the upside, it was incredible to see the accentuated vibrant colours of nature, in lush green shades, fiery reds and shocking pink, all enhanced due to an intense and healthy downpour!

The sound of bamboo knocking caught our attention once again and the remarkable staff at Camaya delivered our morning breakfast banquet. A selection of fresh local fruit with their signature juice and a delicious omelette nicely set us up for the day. Sadly, it was our final hour at this beautiful haven and although it was brief, we felt nurtured, fulfilled and recharged from our enriching dose of nature therapy.

It was a rare sighting to have seen so much rain in the month of June and generally the climate is dry and sunny. However, as previously mentioned, it added to our experience and created a mood and atmosphere that enhanced the overall ambience. After all, we were in a rainforest!

As we left the magic of Camaya Bali, there were many waves and bright smiles from the wonderful attentive staff. Our stay at this remote bamboo dream home truly was a special and unique experience that will always be treasured. It’s a perfect adventure for nature lovers and anyone wanting to escape the busy side of life and taste the essence of a slice of real Bali.

A:  Desa Padangaji, Amerta Bhuana, Selat, Karangasem Regency, Bali 80862, Indonesia
W: Camaya Bali

Photo credits:Instagram@ eyesofanomad.

Written by Tanai Adams for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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