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February 19, 2019

Dr Gabriela Launches a new non-invasive lip plumping treatment

How technology has moved on in the world of none invasive clinical beauty treatments. We all know laser has been around for several years, but it had limited use and it was jolly painful.

Dr Gabriela Mercik is a pioneer of a new pain free lip enhancement treatment, that promotes new healthy collagen, smoothing out lines and creating a softer and more plumped up appearance, both on the body of the lip and the upper lip dreaded whistle line area.

Dr Gabriela has a beautiful comfortable and really quite glamorous clinic in Harley Street, number 56 to be exact, full of clinically attired therapists of with various specialities. The clinic offers every single hi tech treatment you can imagine and the experts are well trained and qualified, and they are busy, this is endorsement enough.

I’m a fussy individual when it comes to enhancements, I do not take treatments likely, it’s important to read reviews and do a certain amount of research, checking out images, endorsements and credentials. Dr G easily covers all of these, she has a wall full of diplomas and certificates in her office, it’s impressive indeed.

My laser lip treatment was a simple affair for me, a really thorough cleanse followed by some extremely impressive photos, taken with a super camera that shows all skin issues in the upper and lower skin layers, including pigmentation, collagen levels, UV damage and lines, both deep and superficial.

Once the photos were taken, treatment began. The 6D Platinum Laser Lift machine was set up for my particular process, the laser lip plumping treatment, protection equipment applied, cold air applied and the laser began. I didn’t feel a thing except icy cold air to keep the skin cool and comfortable. This laser treatment is used to hydrate, plump and smooth out the lip area.

It was a truly pain free treatment, measuring zero on the ‘ouch factor’ scale, with no ‘downtime’ at all. Within an hour I could see a vast improvement, the lines on my upper lip were virtually gone and my lips were  definitely more smooth and a little more luscious, and this was only going to improve more as the collagen continues to regenerate, ensuring a more smooth and youthful look, naturally.

One week on and the upper lip lines have gone! My lips are definitely more full and symmetrical, I’m thrilled to bits and can’t wait for the next stage of my treatment plan.

T: 020 3490 2798
A:  56 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 9QA
W: Dr Gabriela Clinic

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