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October 8, 2018

Dr Valeria Borisova:The New Face of Aesthetic Beauty Industry in Russia

With the number of people willing to go under the knife in the name of beauty on the decline, there’s never been a better time to explore alternative procedures that don’t require a needle. Surprisingly Russia has been gravitating a lot of aesthetic enthusiasts with respect to transforming corrective injections. It’s evident that body enhancement, once reserved for the rich and famous, is now more mainstream, safer and accessible. There was a time people would be “outed” for getting similar procedures. Now many have embraced the procedures, often posting pictures of their recoveries on social media.

The market of beauty transformation has grown substantially in Russia over the last decade. It is now around a 100 million-dollar business, even if a large part of this sector remains in the shadows, with little regulation, the practices tend to be well run with well-trained doctors. In Russia, aesthetic trials only arrived in the past 15-20 years, with the opening of private medical institutions. So the beauty tourism in Russia has been growing dramatically in the past few years.

It is more and more common among women to resort injections to look younger and more attractive, but also among men. Modern men care about their appearance as much as the opposite sex. The giveaway in such shift in trends, are advertisements for male formulated skincare products and the steady growth of the market for the last ten years. More men are seeking out cosmetic procedures to refine, rejuvenate and chisel, than ever before.

While more people are taking a good look in the mirror, not everyone is opting to go under the knife. So what is the best second option? Of course beauty injections and facials. Going for the most cutting edge treatments, things that give the greatest return for the minimal time invested. Moreover, the recovery time for such procedures is minimal.

While Botox, Cheek Feelers, Chemical Peel, Dermabrasion, Facial Fillers, Facial Wrinkles, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Resurfacing, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, Skin Problems Removal (Blemishes, Spider Veins, Scar Revisions, Tattoo Removal), Wrinkle Treatment. Are the treatments done on the face alone we have another set of similar treatments for the body as well such as Body Fillers, Body Lipolitics, Laser Hair Removal, LPG and etc etc.. The list is huge!

Similarly some latest interesting procedure is called Cellfina. Apparently our obsession with bums seemingly never ending, and more and more stories of bum lifts going awry. The first FDA-approved minimally invasive cellulite procedure to target bottom and thigh dimples, Cellfina claims to reduce the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin by 90%. Now that’s one smooth butt. Unlike other procedures, Cellfina treats the structural cause of cellulite, breaking up networks of connective tissue bands that can lead to puckering on the skin’s surface. A session takes just 45 minutes and lasts for up to three years.

Lip augmentation, the Blood Facial are the other latest aesthetic offerings made available for women and men to achieve their desired beauty & body goals. Artificial transformation reveals cultural individualities. For instance, in Brazil buttock enhancement is quite popular. In Europe people care much more about their faces.

On an interesting note body aesthetic procedure is no longer reserved for women, Several research has noticed that more and more men are opting to have beauty injections. They represent about 5-8 percent of the market. They often want to modify their nose or ears. But, doctors believe, men fear pain more than women, and it is not unusual for them to make an appointment and then cancel it: “Men are the weaker sex in this context.”

It’s impressive what an impact non-surgical cosmetic treatments like lasers, fillers and peels can have. Whether it’s fat taken from one part of your body and injected into another, or fillers used to shape and sculpt your nose, non-surgical cosmetic treatments are more popular than ever.

Dr. Valeria Borisova and her passion to make these aesthetic face & body transformations hassle free, painless & least post procedure care has struck a chord in the market with more women achieving desires body & feature goals.

A Tryst With Dr. Borisova

How would you define Beauty?

Dr. Borisova: Beauty is an infinite notion. I suggest you think about something beautiful, and now think about something else, but not less beautiful… Question: Why does the beauty remain when everything else has changed? Beauty is a feeling of pleasure from its contemplation. Society is changing and over time their notion of beauty too, but each person has its own idea what the beauty is. So, for me the beauty is individuality, that’s why in my work I do not follow the stereotypes.

How did you decide to become a beauty doctor?

Dr. Borisova: My inclination towards medicine was witnessed during childhood itself. All the children wanted to become singers and astronauts, and I already liked to disassemble the structure of the human body (especially the face and teeth), it seemed very interesting to me. For me it was important not just to find out where this or that muscle is located, but to understand how the whole system works. Each year I spent more and more time studying biology, chemistry and anatomy. All this certainly helped me in the future, when I entered the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg in 2010. For me, this university became the second home, which gave me a knowledge base and even more , it was there that medicine became an integral part of my life.

After university I went to Italy for an internship, to learn from the best specialists in the field of cosmetology, where I realized that my vocation is to become a doctor-cosmetologist to make people even more beautiful and happy about themselves.

Your personal beauty icon? Who inspires you the most?

Dr. Borisova: With at most certainty I can say that I am inspired by the happy faces of my patients. Every morning when I come to work, I know that today I will make some more girls a little happier. Therefore, my icons of beauty are my beautiful patients.

What is the best & the most challenging things about your job?

Dr. Borisova: The first best thing is the opportunity to develop constantly, to learn something new from the field of medicine and cosmetology. The second best thing is the trust of my patients and their gratitude.
The most challenging would be to keep a balance between the work of a cosmetologist and a psychologist. Before starting any treatment, be sure to conduct a dialogue with the patient, discuss the process and the desired results. Many girls are afraid of pain, and this is normal, that’s why it’s important to find your own approach to each client. My profession could be difficult for those for whom it’s not really easy to connect with people. But for me it’s smooth and pleasant.

Your personal favorite treatment to conduct?

Dr. Borisova: 100% is non-surgical rhinoplasty! This is the procedure that changes the face of the patient for the better very fast. The plus of this procedure is that it is almost painless and does not bring much of discomfort.

Do you encounter as many male clients compared to women?

Dr. Borisova: Yes, I have a lot of male patients. I think that today no one will be surprised to see a man in a cosmetology clinic. It’s wonderful that not only women tend to keep youth and natural beauty. We start from the discussion about their habits, lifestyle and then I choose the right home care for their type of skin. We can offer them treatment of hyperhidrosis, injections of lipolitics of the body and face; we do non-surgical rhinoplasty with preparation based on stabilised hyaluronic acid and so on, the list is huge!

What are the biggest mistakes the other doctors are making?

Dr. Borisova: I think the biggest mistake is that the doctors could loose the sense of proportion and understand the wish of the client in different way.

What would you say is the Key thing people should do to look younger and more beautiful?

Dr. Borisova: Home skin care should become a habit from an early age as a tooth brushing or doing sports. I can say that everyone needs simple skin care – cleansing the skin of the contaminants accumulated during the day. We all should regularly monitor the purity of the skin: wash with water (normal or micellar), second step is using of cleansing tonic or lotion. An important point – a daily remedy for everyone over 25 years old should always include a minimum of SPF 15.

Talking about the key to youthful skin I would suggest a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sport, regular rest, at least 8 hours of sleep, exclusion of bad habits. Timely visits of cosmetologist and correct selection of procedures according to the indications. Most importantly – happiness, inner harmony and love for yourself.

Interview: Alina Dyachenko
Text: Renita Joy

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